Paving slabs the hands - it is economical and practical the Detailed instruction — how to make paving slabs with own hands economically, for garden paths and platforms in front of the house. Analysis of technology of production trotuarn...  See details »



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  • 00:09: Good day dear friends in this video, I tell you how independently do paving tiles I show it to practice and give some practical advice will discuss paving slabs which is filled in special plastic mold forms with different
  • 00:30: pattern is easy to find on construction markets in this example, illustrated tiles simulating chamber after manufacturing tile laying over on pallets for three to four weeks then it can be use as a garden tracks or blind area process begins manufacturing paving tiles device for concrete vibration forms so
  • 01:00: called vibro became his aligned on the level of surface located plastic mold Of course, not all I have an opportunity make vibration table However, in order to reduce manual labor and quality improvement I would tiles recommended think about it manufacture of the I made a vibrating table for yourself I used straight metal sheet several parts of rubber inserts and engine of the heart
  • 01:31: com how do you see the table It consists of a welded frame This frame is the basis for independent topsheet iron each of the four racks ends special emphasis which is inserted rubber shock absorber engine is installed in the middle of the table it
  • 02:00: its axis is installed eccentrics who is the cause vibration and so proceed to tile manufacturing for that we arrange all forms on steel vibro on my desk placed 6 form make wider Table I advise not as it is time-consuming and even irrational at small vibrating table You can do much just anything tiles removing another from vibrated th Party for better separation
  • 02:30: ready-made tiles from form should be promazyvat their oil I use for this working off easy to apply oil ordinary brush my advice when drawing oil Apply it on the upper edge of the form In order to future without
  • 03:00: separate issues excess solution and so forms oiled and ready to receiving solution from what I cook Tile solution first of all it ordinary building sand is not fine and a sand fraction with larger even a fraction the inclusion of small
  • 03:30: stone and of course quality cement the rate of 1 kg 100 grams per cell to agitate I use the solution concrete mixer own structure unlike of the manual method mixing solution concrete mixer It allows you to create more uniform mass and thereby increase the quality mixture dry successively sand and fall asleep cement mixer and
  • 04:00: wait until the thorough mixing and when the solution mixed dry We begin to pour water I advise you not here hurry and add water small portions to end up
  • 04:30: to obtain a solution the desired viscosity of here approximately the viscosities we have get our final solution stop concrete mixer and spread solution small portions our forms and now include
  • 05:00: electric motor vibro again as see by solution exposure vibration evenly distributed over forms of his own Practice Note for In order to achieve a similar effect when manual mode It needs a lot efforts and in the meantime we continue impose solution our forms for to fill them I note that the full in order to save I
  • 05:30: I use any dyes and stabilizers concrete accelerating Zafer couch them my expenses go only to buy cement and sand when the form completely I filled a little I bring to order top surface tiles and then turn off the vibration and to solution scored I hardness of covering and in the next day repeatedly good water proview Now you can tile
  • 06:00: move to any smooth surface the main thing is not to give her dry quickly through two days can be painless remove tiles from forms without fear for what edges may break off
  • 06:54: a
  • 07:10: We place ready tile vertically pallets and finding fault on the table to re poured paving tiles wish you luck in the manufacture of paving slabs All the best subscribe to my channel