Igor Naumenko

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Exact \ud83d\udc40 drilling of openings a drill with observance \ud83d\udcd0 coaxialities (drill).  See details »

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  • 00:07: Good day rather often need drill hole is surface or coaxially some details here but without drilling machine using a drill or the screwdriver to make it is very difficult here I Now put the two Center on this side
  • 00:32: and to this just try drill and see that I will I put the power of the court I try to drill for center you that I left that is seen It means exactly is not
  • 01:01: about 4 millimeter stepped side although brusochek you only thickness 2 cm here's what I suggest to do in this case, if there is no drilling machine which drills then strictly perpendicularly the surface there's such different pair massive caps on many subjects here
  • 01:30: This cap banks Here lid foam for shaving This cap with air fresheners if we look at the almost all of cap is the center technological Kati circle center cover and it is even here and nowhere to top small
  • 02:00: also has a center So I look to me to drill opening 3 millimeter here on if the center workpiece and something appendicular without entering a right-left God nowhere period 3 criticism of polar with this drill I take means cap and pick up so to there was so that It has enough drill the drill
  • 02:30: But if I blank I will take a little more about I just start a then it does not give a if a small volume will not accuracy very good here I came here it here kitty's good at everything fits ok then take drill on this center which logically when production of this poured the cap drill hole
  • 03:05: that is, you see drill goes not tight all right then surface of the it is smooth and cover its lateral facet always perpendicular our billet and the upper plane parallel to it therefore, such further my actions mean
  • 03:31: just beginning to drill bit to get small deepening suffice it Now I have savings bank shall get somewhere I have to wear cover on the screwdriver I put the drill to the center I omit the cap Alignment surfaces so that was perpendicular to the well,
  • 04:02: eat let's see what we made it
  • 04:31: the way it was plywood twenty here were held here diagonal, too in advance and we can see that our opening It coincides with the point crossing you in ie it diagonally shot through loyalty here here all use this councils may
  • 05:01: useful work all the best to goodbye