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  • 00:05: all a good day today I will sew tack in the kitchen I I picked up the pieces fabric somewhere I such flannel and to I have a stack of fabric and carved look at I get 23 centimeters of on the reverse side I hand this Insert 1 part of the body I take no bow and chalk
  • 00:31: I spend the summer in the middle like this here square separates another squares and also diagonally I draw lines Next I will gain squares such Dec. 12 centimeters different
  • 01:00: colors So I cut up three types of squares different colors here me in every handful eight stuff I take further square and I tuck like this bent centimeters and smoothing iron I ironed in a mortar on the inside I stroked over them so is on the floor centimeters a centimeter further, I
  • 01:31: I am taking the square I mark and through what I said poseredinke I stack like this us to have in the center one such box a box and one such box Here and on the other side kept within
  • 02:00: one hand on and I'm a bit line in the center and now the machine you to the middle stitched a line stitch on the middle of one line see minutes It turned from sewn further unfold so here tuck
  • 02:30: and applying other side of the same order as I did Now here wrapping and I pile up again here here back to back so much so like that spared
  • 03:01: packed and on the other sides Instant Messengers bulavochkami who is full of nowhere moving the two strands how and folded the Now I come here so Here I will place Give early a angle here like this here tidy up and at an angle here so here as well I put so well
  • 03:35: But the third put shear bulavochkoy One area I packed boxes pinned raschertila day I turn on another corner and so wrap a pile fabric
  • 04:00: second city slaughter bulavochkoy spend Is not that exactly it was convenient skachyat typewritten further turn on next corner all corners and pieces lozhila fabrics and now pass on the sewing typewriter business after straight lines here and
  • 04:31: I scribbled all such squares year around the perimeter buildings and as it was Protection is done and now And so in the middle I take one further pile on the side diagonal close here here and so get close and for returning That such is obtained triangle and the other hand fold in half
  • 05:00: I close here and half here and so open to the hijacking slightly I did not miss them cleave further take section of the lower tier and pile up and so half of it on diagonal and now here wrap and on the other hand pile and so half diagonally and wrap clave bulavochkoy
  • 05:31: I take from square that It is below the warehouses like this in half Diagonal and close and on the other hand also folds down diagonally close and so I do every triangle article channel to watch again again showed They were fast field distinguish pile half shut and
  • 06:04: wrap next pile then in the first corner most I fold in half of diagonal closing here and expand stabs bulavochkoy that is not dissolved I take the box bottom row I pile up so that's about traction on any sex and We close this side and folding the next box
  • 06:30: half and closed in this side will close another a number of well and now it will invest circular to all corners here so I decayed fabric this side and that's how Now on the other hand Now all I do is proglazhu iron here so we get further overturn
  • 07:02: I take scissors and so on a square I it neatly Now crop the squares written out I take further cut in the oblique Bakey and here I have been here
  • 07:30: wrap no me to you and then the thing oblique Bakey on edge square well, that's all potholder for kitchen almost ready on the edge I sewed oblique tape so you have two sides and now for communication decoration on a stick floret here's another tack ready to look at how
  • 08:00: few hours of ordinary piece of cloth can be stitched a convenient practical thing and try and you too so will I all I wish good luck to all Have a good mood until we meet again