Salad Spring of Cabbage and Tasty Gas station | Spring Cabbage Salad Recipe, English Subtitles

Salad Spring of Cabbage and Tasty Gas station | Spring Cabbage Salad Recipe, English Subtitles  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone! Today we'll cook spring salad from young cabbage. I think the simplest salads are the tastiest and the most popular ones as we often cook them at home. The secret of this salad is in its dressing. This dressing is based on kefir. A very interesting recipe with mustard.
  • 00:42: We'll need a half of a young cabbage (or any other cabbage), a carrot (juicy and tasty), some green onion (or yellow onion) and some greenery (I use dill). For dressing: some tablespoons of 20% sour cream, kefir of 2.5 %,
  • 01:10: some dijon mustard, some sugar, salt and ground pepper. Let's start with the cabbage. It should be finely chopped. Now let's chop the greenery, any greenery will be ok.
  • 01:43: It looks so nice. I don't add a cucumber here, I use a carrot instead. Juicy carrot is a must. I grate it finely.
  • 02:01: Now let's add kefir and all other dressing components to the sour cream. If you don't have any dijon mustard, you can add any, but dijon one would be better. Add a teaspoon of salt and a dessertspoon of sugar. Half of teaspoon of any pepper, or a mixture of them. Stir everything.
  • 02:32: Looks very nice, and believe me, it tastes very nice, too. Add the dressing to the salad and stir everything up. Put the salad on the plate. It a pretty tasty salad with some mysterious taste, that reminds either sour cream or mayonnaise. Each product brings its own taste.
  • 03:01: Now I'm going to try it and describe. My family likes this salad. You can top it with some flax seeds, that'll make it even more attractive. Looks nice, chopped finely. It makes the salad look bright and juicy. The secret is in the dressing. We used ordinary products, but the taste is just amazing.
  • 03:31: It seems to have some marinated components. Such an effect is provided by the mustard with kefir. It seems to contain some lemon juice. You'll never guess what the dressing is made of if you don't know it. It's very tasty, low in calories, great idea for spring and a good deal. So, this is what light spring salad we've cooked today.
  • 04:02: Lots of salad together with some meat will deliver perfect lunch or dinner for you. Thank you for being with me today. Like my videos and subscribe to my channel. Bye!