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How to make a doggie magnet - a symbol of New year - of newspaper tubules!  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello friendsmy name is Lada welcome to my channelI suggest in this video to weave heresuch a wonderful dog symbolthe future of the new year such a dogideal for as a souvenir gift toNew Year it is on magneticsit can be done and hanging herringboneif you need this topic interesting then II invite you to view and a littlegeneral information before starting workthese dogs and woven from papervines or newspaper tubules in one of themy videos I
  • 00:31: showed howtwist such tubules a reference onI leave him here here or in the descriptionunder the video by the way look indescription under video there you will findreferences to other Interestingmaster classes want still add that inthis video I I show the idea ofhow to weave such a doggieyou can already complement itssome additionaldetails and accessories instead ofa pothole to do some otherdecorative the elementsby the way, a few more words here about these magnetsas I said this
  • 01:02: a dog can beuse both magnet onrefrigerator and here it is very important thatthe magnet was strong so that he could withstandweight dog, I would not said that shevery heavy but not light and heremagnets and not all will suit me inarsenal is several typesmagnets are these here magnet and suchI tore off the plates them from unnecessarymagnets of some kind oldI will say so they very poorly keptdog's weight I
  • 01:31: I tried toUnfortunately, the dog I crawled withrefrigerator therefore I refused themmaybe some You can open thehang on such magnets are quitethat will go down but these magnets Ibought in handicraft shopthey are called magnetsthey are different here such areround by the way also very goodkeep the dog here it's like this for examplevery well adheresby the way and the same moment or titaniumglue the magnets
  • 02:02: and these are the magnet andthis magnets are very very strong straighthere you are barely able to tear off another one froma friend can be price orient ayou are so this magnets are strongsold on a piece one piece we havecost 60 rubles but these here are blackthey were sold in pack of 10 pieces acost one packing 100rubles on this from general informationif you have any then questions then writenecessarily in comments undervideo I'll answer all
  • 02:31: but also pleasantviewing
  • 08:29: behold
  • 13:20: I paint with white acrilic paint
  • 14:06: cover it with the vanish on watercolor base friends are like thiswe have a dog with you and I hope I got togethervideo was understandable and
  • 14:31: useful for yoube sure to put thumbs upgo up subscribe on the channel and see youvery soon in the following videos andbroadcasts inspiration and lightweaving you expensive bye Bye