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▬► How to twist tubules from newspapers. Three years later.  See details »

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  • 00:04: hello recently decision reviewed master class in torsion tubes and I found that Recently twist tubes completely differently and want share Now accumulated experience that is, to tell you how I twist Now the tube Today is already when examining the experience many many tinkering and testing the when his weaving
  • 00:30: They get hands any newspapers that first of all I am learning in which in which direction spinning tubes I stopped convenient pursue length first queue I work and now here Only here with such here reversal of the newspaper here in my hands newspaper sheets I take one sheet before you start
  • 01:01: I cut the tube to twist it is folded along I make four strips and I look with Brett I pay attention on them how easy it is cut and a life I take and I cut his friend
  • 01:31: direction across here me More like how he cut the knife is easier and chipping turns less so now try to turn
  • 02:04: first large tube line begins a steep and pay attention that It has been the most from the First, I see that turns to normal but I have already learned and just this newspaper and I know that the wind from will cross spinning much better not be here
  • 02:31: volvulus when twist select simply more convenient much that is, we noticed that across this paper and It cuts better and spinning and swirling tubes careful if we need tube drag and we cut this newspaper list then I will cut any sheet and Several long Now we trying to
  • 03:00: not to spoil a lot of newspapers need cut look this time in half you're there does not seem to be more optimal strip width respectively tube thickness so compare with on a direction we decided Now I define
  • 03:30: with the width of the strip the thickness of the tube you perhaps the most most optimum tube it is more dense on the same needle but sorrow and weave it will be more convenient because it will be tight less kinks fracture and so rules I conducted an experiment Decide I will cut strips and with this I I do now with every newspaper that It falls into my hands I I did not immediately see all
  • 04:01: strip and start first apply on the x experiment with Now one sheet what else I want to note how I basically increasing down to some workshops have only two I Now I step up I first tube I liked insert the end of the proceedings tubes in a wide end of the tube now I do completely different that is, I try so that the twist I had tubes
  • 04:30: that the tube has been and the same one On the other hand, and when I step up the note It can be a little bit crop usually if we tubes painted it at the edge they slightly frayed until we get them dried at I build one end is flattened and inserted pipe end note hardly see junction tube has nowhere nothing sticks out and even if it is
  • 05:00: Connect have on in the open this topic see it can see what practically possible make invisible and principle, strive to need to ensure that instead of compound hiding in weaving between small stands These are the types you have Today we wish good luck