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Essential oil of a thyme

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  • 00:00: The following oil oil or thyme oil thyme In principle it is thyme transliteration the Latin name He pays no thymus It called 1 motivated German title thyme and he called family and all in Russian plant of the genus Thymus It is known as thyme or Bogorodyts'ka grass oil warm oil top incidentally here thyme wiwa our firm sleep oil it has
  • 00:31: it is unusual unusual thing is It is less toxic than the rest Thyme and it works qualified and it is know and even a little like Geranium in action oddly enough it would seem that general thyme thyme and geranium to it many components related crinoline acetate torment positive side which is main working complex in oil geranium and lavender, and there other flower
  • 01:00: oils ie it almost 100 flower butter oil is very warm preparation for nature therefore strengthens microcirculation cleaning tissues congestion and He loves Sergei kind of stagnant phenomenon is potentiates enzymatic of the gastric juice so good It operates at gastrointestinal tract works good but not the main of the gastrointestinal tract specialist is there it will be better basil at work We thyme on when
  • 01:31: Thyme can go when there is a strong inflammatory here is the problem in the digestive tract or in gynecology or you need to call a strong microcirculation remove stagnation and to display a lot of things enter binding xii salt of all kinds deposits which damage have anything you want origins here you I love it to this He loves to means oil of thyme
  • 02:00: It is the final oil that means final oil finals is synonymous carbolic acid Trend roll too who over 7 desertik something than to carbolic acid and so Thyme is our our consider in Karabolka bottle only very good smell and such toxic to Karben to so very good antiseptic powerful antiviral facilities It works well with immunity again
  • 02:30: when we ask when we go to the basil We Affairs on thyme Thyme works lower doses it is more than basil strong oil and more toxic and the basil so when work with the elderly people with children, we We work with basil when working with people large adults and serious the problems we We are working with thyme unless when so many slags but you know you
  • 03:00: literate people that any necessary therapy to start with the process purification rate cleanse it go sure why because what oil is an essential oil Essential is a natural the solvent is very the skilled there when I say that eucalyptus oil has increased immediately bronchopulmonary system that is It means to eucalyptus with ease extraordinary will find all you slime and deposits related
  • 03:31: with excretory namely cell function located bronchopulmonary system, so much so if I I say that with basil akin to the doctrine intestinal tract it's great to be search your means exploratory behavior we carry gastrointestinal tract and everything cells and metabolism and mending it here in this field is what it is means and embroider toxins that located in hardy not the intestinal tract meaning there is in the case or the cases of measles
  • 04:01: it will broncho pulmonary system if Lemon is such that there will again be search for all that due to a violation lipid metabolism, he climb to the liver gallbladder vessels Now he will be there constantly circulate eucalyptus and wherever you We did not send it all the same goes to the bronchi sure to check Is there something there that's all okay so oil is a powerful solvent about it if we can not forget you go directly to the severe hypertension and butter You'll get
  • 04:30: and aggravation seriously and especially if overdose will that is, the oil begins embroider slags and some of these toxins who will enter kidneys if they are ready and gASTROINTESTINAL tract and he is ready and do not know leather therefore it is necessary to hold cleaning which course to prepare the organism the fact that it will be necessary I bring all this heap all sorts of deposits deposits and mineral
  • 05:00: resources that Steel is not very useful of in case of body But when we passed cleansing therapy can then be go to the oil if good and we did not work qualified aromatherapist which is capable of build rate the treatment of mild to hard and the course cleaning combined with treatment of essential oil cleaning remember connection again as our thyme sharp oil workers oil works very quickly and easily reasoning here but
  • 05:31: very effectively antiseptic perfect joint great problems It is running heats clean composition inflammatory process removes from siphons drain excess liquid that is It works very well here at in case of problems any joint the status of work But with thyme immunity works fine but when viral infections in the use thyme should be consult with aromatherapist here
  • 06:00: for whatever reason on the reason I came toxicity and secondly it is also capable capable improve and blood clotting it should be considered we must remember that with Thyme should be friends necessary but work with him carefully and dosage Thyme should be accurately observed no overdose Fanu can not wait to settlement It can be a little bit play it This allows a very friendly oil thyme did not suffer