Alla Koshevaya

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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: I want to carry on show hair style classic style the spirit of the 60s with using rollers with big and beautiful volume does not seem to me that the wedding hair should not be trendy because ultra trendy things very quickly out of Fashion and image of the bride
  • 00:30: It remains for many years in photos and on video so I brides often I suggest hairstyles with classical and an image in silhouette sixties style s we are most loved and all the hair I I gather into one tight tail tail disposes high enough I fix it at gum care and two stealth I distinguish from the tail
  • 01:10: two small strands with one side and another look I please combing the strand and I fix it with clip about aid right tail and also secrete and second strand I fix near the tail left so this is the basis
  • 01:47: my future hairstyles look you are welcome in this work I will use two using a roller I will create one single I have a round shape cushions choose dark color begin to bond 1 bead I grew stronger when the roller invisible assistance to tail base top and bottom very durable look please invisible
  • 02:17: most are firmly lock head cushion On the other hand, I I attach a second bead also by means of stealth start fix to the top tail base and around the bottom two rolls I create one single
  • 02:47: shape so I rollers fasten between themselves look please me should get round volume the form now I'm starting to work with the hair tail hair I carefully combed the and divide into 2 equal Part 1 of 2 now
  • 03:17: this hair is not must be fully close the roll I take the first strand carefully combed the and a brush and using Hand and brushes I distribute the hair so close to 1 I completely roll processed hair lacquer and try so that the comb the roller is not in sight processed hair the top and the inside hand because
  • 03:47: inside we will I collect fixation hand first strand and I wrap it underneath a roller immediately fixed with studs look you are welcome 1 3 1 I closed completely 1 roll remaining I have a small tail hiding under the bottom roller and fixed with
  • 04:17: stealth On the other hand, I I comb the second strand and carefully distribute hair so that I closed first a base roller, and Now this has turned Here beautiful overlaps between the two strands I treat with varnish the outside and domestic and also I pick a lock tuck at the bottom and a roller fix with the help of studs
  • 04:47: small tail which I I stayed on the other side as well tuck under roller and fix at aid invisible here So look please me I get a nice round shape I turn our strands that I He highlighted the very beginning 1 strand of her right I
  • 05:17: the carding roller and on I spread to the left I fix invisible and tail also cleaning the basement kk and a second lock on the left I combed the side right and I do here such a overlaps the Thus, we fully
  • 05:47: closing base our tail and we get one single beautiful line Form this hairstyle very simple but it is important to performance hairstyles it should be my perfect hair in the style of the 60's s ready