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Well, very tasty - Cabbage in egg!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today cook cabbage egg I need for cooking This simple dish head of cabbage 2 eggs black garlic pepper Dried dill can be take fresh dill salt first thing chop the cabbage on four parts cobs and cabbage cut I will need to add salt and to omit
  • 00:30: prepared cabbage will cook up readiness to become a cabbage cook until soft cabbage need to prepare eggs We are trying to drive an egg cup add eggs a little dry garlic need put fresh Garlic can not the eye a little garlic black pepper
  • 01:00: foliage pinch salt and all this as follows stir cabbage cook We get it and give cool slightly Well cabbage almost cool and and now excess moisture
  • 01:30: glass and now We need to cut into smaller pieces somewhere here a value the pan pour a little vegetable oil set on fire drop your prepared egg cabbage and spread
  • 02:00: oil on a frying pan fry on both on the small side fire as soon as the edge browned one can turn on the other side as soon as the sprouts browned
  • 02:30: and the other end can be spread on dish that's all delicious cabbage is ready this recipe I am preparing my grandmother and I have a child very I loved this dish all I recommend try it simple in execution all pleasant appetite and to new meetings until