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  • 00:00: [music] Good day my dear good Welcome to my the kitchen today rolled aspic Chicken chicken in the snow a first filler I tried to visit from him since periodically prepare for a change it unusual composition besides chicken Via part of cream cheese filling grated horseradish rather ready to fuck that served in the store jars and
  • 00:30: part of lemon juice little mayonnaise Garlic is generally not but it is very familiar Nevertheless my view aspic but it turns out delicious at least like all our family hope that you and she, too, It looks like a she just very nice festive brewed Lena I am of the whole Chicken but you can take part such as chicken chicken thighs here everything in your at the discretion of the chicken remove the fat around the place gutting cut out
  • 01:00: and cut off the breast fillets I usually breast do not put filler because my I think it is still few dryly for the filler is usually I take for explosive Now the rest part today the same I add but I will add to latest turn to breast not digest put the chicken in pan pour cold water so that it is only just covered bring to a boil
  • 01:31: before boiling skim [music] hen an ambassador for flavor I add onion carrots and a few roshen allspice and chicken field to complete Preparedness is not a chicken prowler on I sweating it very I quickly It needs about an hour and a half an hour I
  • 02:02: I add the false chicken breast [music] broth postpone bulb Put the carrots chicken broth
  • 02:30: we filter out assort free form and wherein we will prepare aspic [music] [music] I'll add a couple of chicken cloves finely chopped garlic processed cheese
  • 03:00: rub on a coarse grater and a thin layer laid out on chicken cheese and should not be very amount of cheese will depend on the species shape I have a form of low wide so I It took 2 cheeses you can would need one and a half each term weight 100 grams to fill us need of half to a whole liter broth usually a chicken breast without required pint This time I'll take as a liter
  • 03:31: chicken I have more Measure out a glass broth and give it to cool soaked it gelatin required the amount of gelatin will depend on its the strength and number of broth refer to the instructions on the package of gelatin accordance with the instructions 10 grams of gelatin is 500 milliliters per liter of broth I It took 20 grams remaining broth add two tablespoons horseradish is per liter horseradish broth you
  • 04:01: You may put on taste 5 tablespoons gorochkoy with mayonnaise stirring all swollen gelatin gently warm up it fully solution and add fill stir add the juice small lemon lemon and you can put to taste like actually all fill the rest of the necessarily
  • 04:30: try and if necessary, dosolit can be you want add a little more horseradish can be Lemon in the general and to express the taste of fill your taste Filled chicken [music] strew chopped fresh dill and decorating on your desire [music]
  • 05:05: [music] [music] put the filling in refrigerator to complete solidification [music] So our aspic chicken chicken under snow me ready It remains to wish you bon appetit
  • 05:30: prepare try very I hope that it is you also enjoy thanks that were with I watched the video and village you very, very good until we meet again this video [music]