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How to connect a cap by an elastic band briosh? To connect a cap from a thick yarn. To connect a cap on circular spokes.  See details »

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  • 00:10: hi today I I will show you how to knit hat snow queen rubber brioche so interesting pattern to tie cap I need a needle 10 millimeters and one
  • 00:30: skein about google and shade ultramarine take flow and I will gain in hydrochloric thread 35
  • 01:17: the loops 30 recruited I typed them very weak to bear hats I was not tightened and therefore this gum get a very volume too tied with bottom spoil our cap
  • 01:32: so join knitting in a circle and first row we tie 1 Wrong 1 facial note that We begin with seamy loop
  • 02:11: estimate this is the first series I finished and now We begin to knit gum brioche actually likely to the second row in this hat here we The first loop was
  • 02:30: purl provyazyvaem seamy first row and we again provyazyvaem it seamy loop and if you leave it confused you You can put yourself this loop marker We can not lose a if you lose it maybe later knitting knock this or remember or marker set it serves connecting loops throughout hats lengths farther we
  • 03:03: we continue to knit remove from the front sc wrong provyazyvaem seamy face with sc Wrong recognized volume up to the end of the series
  • 03:31: And so the second row dovyazali finished number on the front of the loop with sc further provyazyvaem wrong again loop purl one and the next we are front and with the sc and provyazyvaem front with a sc remove from the wrong sc and so alternate front with sc provyazyvaem front wrong remove from the sc
  • 04:18: 5 series tied further 5 seamy loop coupling tie and Nanjing and and start again remove from the front
  • 04:30: sc and our still ladies knit purl the essence of knitting We have reduced this We will now alternate facial with sc purl with some will knit cap And so the fourth row
  • 05:01: finished doing both usually wrong average loop provyazyvaem purl continue will again alternated with facial sc fight provyazyvat facial shall Wrong with sc to remove it we have 5 series that is in all odd rows We disclaim sc purl all even disclaim sc facial rest provyazyvaem on drawing and so I
  • 05:32: Knit 24 rows here I have not only It has become quite a bit to cap closed and to close it, we We need to knitting twist then turn over its other side to have a working thread We had a side of siege I am working on the loop where workers spread to right needle and now
  • 06:01: will close reversed knit means we here Wrong and facial with these two we nakida loop with sc together provyazyvaem facial doing so round a
  • 06:34: but me knit when Now, or in a circle facial, in principle, you can already tightened any remaining knitting thread here still left me with 16 loops you can still row and
  • 07:02: 2 together provyazat I will confine myself facial that these series Now all the remaining loop tightened thread
  • 07:40: as on a thread it tightens Yoga in itself to We need to fix well I got this Wear this hat then this kind of here
  • 08:00: pattern risinki gap It will be visible