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How to connect two threads without knot when knitting... Well, very witty way!  See details »

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  • 00:01: I want to show today and explain how can be connected or tie strings without node to which 2 glomerular and gray Blue and I need here these discs to link here I have them contact me show place You see where I'm bound here there is no absolutely no one I'll show host here I also started here
  • 00:30: see here black or that blue thread blue or black blue and white here a place that's Connection place them together no two node thread here white and red or pink thread here seat assembly compound no one can see how well as the unit completely no more red and blue united node no blue white Now the junction this knowledge and white-black no evil
  • 01:01: I'll show you how It can be done who do not know and to whom I will show interesting It began greyish ball of greyish label and blue a ball to start visibility take such a thick needle that was good seen here I will climb June wheelbarrow and a needle
  • 01:33: dress no points for a needle Here I show a large tail that It could clearly see Now what I am doing I taking you see not. I like it layered and food this stitch thread I pick up here and so like here and so all time here and so a needle and thread I pick up and insert
  • 02:02: a needle between you revealed show see how close show between these hotels threads of yarn she It consists of not with these threads of I curl up right so pass and the Now I'm here it on a needle strung nitochek I this a needle
  • 02:30: output ahead of me formed here loop in this I'm taking a loop gray thread that I connection on a needle on I I took a pull greater length thread to be seen that I So I'm doing the Christmas tree It led to another side and now this I tighten petelechku
  • 03:01: blue's this petelechku tightened and Now the tail of this hand for you it More of the same I shows slow for those who do not know to be able easier to learn Now on this side where I have not gray. I'm doing the same thing Now, this thread I did so I charge 5
  • 03:32: Only in the series q thread in a needle I charge and that's with this side with the back of the I just as well spend a needle I grew it this greyish thread here comes forward needle forward stratified greyish thread and if you take a needle thinner work will be These smaller neater
  • 04:00: stitches and do not It is noticeable I picked up the connection larger needle that was evident that I Here's how to do Now I lay a needle now from this side and now tightens I tighten gray
  • 04:30: thread here I overcast gray thread and formed uzelochek not formed formed Connect same tails, I do a long I certainly gather them so here Obreja trim angle less will be seen and this tail I cut at an angle I think I explained I understand even just once
  • 05:01: so here's how it will show but I think that I clearly explained here once again show here this loop as I do Now the needle went here that's I just dial the needle so here and I deduce here petelechki again distracted dazzled I think it is clear that
  • 05:30: I will my video someone helpful especially those who knits and often need to connect even one colors the kiddie that there was no node sometimes with pieces killing tabs breaks It is simply yarn and ends so I think this is a good tip but for me personally I this use and but really it It helps me in all you good