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several universal ways of a binding hook

several universal ways of a binding hook  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day dear needlewoman today's topic is Final processing product sections and cut neck and armholes and bottom hem too product is the same hence we have today 7 we look at figures on the edge of his process that He remained the same beautiful figure and I will not warp even consider edge capabilities treatment that he
  • 00:31: I had finished appearance even Santa himself rovnenko will not specially but deformed completed type of close and look at neck design or armhole like these here curly lines cut out start with figure edges let this one thread pattern he goes arches let you want it to these arches were also curved to at gorlovinki but these
  • 01:01: cloves preserved on could need record has they began to leave Now that without fixing with it occurs in children they are to wear with time stretch and here this here as a fan get cut ugly apples neat and be stretched and all it will go down the drain in order to fix this edge we spent knit it polustolbikami I take contrastly I do not have to be seen
  • 01:30: how do I do that all it turns out you have the same no hooves in tone article introduce detachment if we column, without sc this took nobody threw Knit the loop polustolbik he did not growth reduction of the edge there is it took no Honor points and money We stretched it immediately
  • 02:02: They captured and handed then took them and so on until the end until the end of our changed until the end of notch karate strongly not to delay maintain a balance
  • 02:34: you see here it turns out here such pigtail so held mow
  • 03:00: a that is, in every loop provyazyvaem cop polustolbika or even called connection column is speech
  • 03:31: is when a circular knitting to complete round steps on napkins This circular products toys the same study there end polustolbikom
  • 04:01: 3 course is now watch it here was held here this chains on the other side but since I have such a contrast to this this thread in tone of this one high chair and it shows not but in we have the edge over fixed us teeth becomes 10 when they bind further their Now this here this pigtail to remember it your you Byzantium knitted fabric it fixes the Shinkansen
  • 04:30: with more carpenters holds its shape better and do not diverge from the when let into the the free edge of the cloves are not properties offering them He appeared to roll all plait it is not will walk freely figure usually here this I tied on pigtail seamy side our product is there flew the wrong most who could thread there's just such a imperceptible chain
  • 05:00: held at the request of Conversely, you can police exercise these pigtails allowed this further Decoration not sleep spasmodically as follows next we forward direction straight cut it It may be code product beacons impasse blouse dress well let's loins knitting on it principle itself but carefully and this is the edge of he
  • 05:30: unprocessed it is not completed looks unfinished something not enough product well and finally in wearing period he also maybe you forgive. this is so turn away why not save position therefore better to We spent 15 tie minutes, but do it. learn to eat I have a few options that will be done acceleration time Knit 1 row columns, without sc at the same time look so
  • 06:00: like columns without nakida not have properties have expand the canvas that is, if I knit each loop listen without I sc little stretch this land so when I I provyazyvala I missed some let's loop But if that's knit bitten through it is Kate column on chi Chen awhile but not too often so more me pop onto it. January 1 of one petelechke miss it there
  • 06:31: will not give deform and units and strain is the width of such same as the binding layer the base web now look first option This step rachy he is so this kind of universal that he uses possible and at the neck and armholes and bottom it fixes the crane he
  • 07:01: It gives the following ribbed and beauty harmony gives the same most do not give If we stretch leave attack striped column without sc it is modern, too on stretches pulled start cooking doctors a chance to fix and it's easier to move we see provyazat to the end of the series, we do not unfold It is good to Fixed module
  • 07:30: and deploy and started but we continue to prepare we do not unfold We begin to knit reverse side of the same side paintings rachy step appears on face scored tabs look for themselves grab loop sculpt us grab the thread so I have now
  • 08:04: comfortable with the camera yet captured Yes unaccustomed awkward a little later hand stuffed again by themselves in the top five I insert the hook thread I pull capture yourself thread again thread captured share cap
  • 08:30: knit hot chocolate provyazyvat it then sued hook Mom thinner than main cruises
  • 09:05: again all large relaxed and captured thread He sees at length hooks in children loop again want thread and two provyazyvaem eyelets
  • 09:37: These are the teeth obtained Refer to the one side of this view You see the reverse side is not so beautiful so I I say something bowls held only face if 1
  • 10:02: there is an option to the knife other words, we We offer no number of columns without sc you some for example we want that locks better Ceres and style edge agriculture provyazyvaem another Film analysis column
  • 10:36: if you see that this point and hold so that's this first series began hurt a little something there is here too reduces the time of the time if we assume they knit a column it hinges missed plugging in the next not too often that there are no creases
  • 11:09: you can get Now you can or continue to the server third row on is a graph of such rovnenko you can knit for rachim step further you can still too This snowboard smokes more
  • 11:31: It fits onto the neck and we down and to the right is decorative effect a nasty babe peculiar to This peak ears knit one two three peaks garnish 3 table you air hinges back this right here is
  • 12:00: who bar who had just knit and polustolbikom 2 eyelets after the peak to take knit with 3 column sc third tied uranus two three three air up and on the same column knit
  • 12:31: polustolbik again 1 change but these cocks obtained their husband actually very place this design that's not out of line straight this circular oval
  • 13:02: time and imitation or armholes name and ducks if so then it is correct can imagine that This neckline and so here killing tabs this is cleaned stupenechka these stupenechki we need atone give finished unit at the same time to fix It was not strong stretch to It manifested not stretched but mouth same I not speak with time when so we leave
  • 13:30: get more raw We start again Basically all the time with columns without sc we without them anywhere of the first row captured and went then when piping also do not see here in each loop you enter the hook show week column, without sc We have been looking Arkhipov not to too many of them were that was not there was assembly skirts is
  • 14:00: since so we let's say were Now you can here between the posts knit hole this is now skip back here and tied to one thousand
  • 14:30: period when such was not densely thickly these columns if you all there This is an empty number colors that let in 2 you have a basic color
  • 15:00: it is you want to do piping finishing all here this early first row knit main thread color that is, Sevilla 80 for you then forged wallpaper Fill these here these colors it is no the difference is to do to see 1 and number of matings he a slightly rough If using a thread in tone on tone is not It will be much just to overcome something like this hollow line ready
  • 15:30: It has further decoration further our action depends a sure way Vienna depends on of what some density yarn used and how busy image that is, or he It is filled up you can see this is a
  • 16:01: thick Kimi sistemki or let's say that's how fishnet if we assume this is our dense pattern and we indicated a number of us need to fix a couple of rows further knit a column without nakida at such Pope density such density and fleshy yo he will so wooden resemble cardboard wood is very tight little It will be unpleasant
  • 16:30: wear and appearance of such I hope it does not itself hatch air on the contrary it is the product heavier feeling so things here this option has can do that It will be too smooth. but a little bit of air it is not just we were binding columns, without sc Now the tire and column, without sc through the air let's knit the first studio to send the air and
  • 17:02: We continue to knit up the end of a number of air with the bottom column skip to their Again, without sc Air one loop skip the bar without sc concludes
  • 17:31: overturn Set jump out side of the chess order that is there where here it was we hole from the air loop between columns, without sc here it is up to the light minute provyazyvaem column, without sc knit air and again we find the next hole that was between columns, without sc here alone without a column sc air bar a couple
  • 18:00: air column usually these series You need to be well a minimum age of 3 series given that the last row we It will be finishing here this way he lumen actually slightly a little more than he Sparse you more easy to share code at the same time holds
  • 18:30: shape our armhole it is very important to the product is not reached promo sky bulletproof heat to all nice and roller Now they fly after a number of already our discretion you You can make cheese bowls you can make peaks some arches tie a reef this is a fantasy
  • 19:01: tell this a way that's it's through this column 1 air loop most used when thick yarn or hard to greatly twisted ie when just bars sc without strapping board columns signs such supplies hard edge this method, I do not Now I meet in treatment fails to toric editions not in themselves masters but Yet it is in the
  • 19:30: principle can be use quite as an option to the bottom of the broad banding so here are the traditional the method does not work it turns ugly that's all that I like today thank you tell for your attention Lightweight and loops you grandiose ideas and successful implementation of Thank you