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  • 00:04: I wish you good health all his subscribers and visitors channel asked me to make some seals trunks will do from here such rubber do not know what it is of rubber grade long ago I Master but lying face it uneven tried Hand sanding sander is a thing very long so I put sufficient his stone metal word znaem spraying top he gave INSTE
  • 00:30: smooth and appropriate but the scale is moving closer to grinding machine some time evident that it is necessary even after shooting end grinding and I walked on the machine fine sandpaper machine eccentric and wiped with kerosene aligns well surface such It became homogeneous rovnenko its not the fact that there was no compare now it's up Chinese laser engraver of his power 2 and a half watt and
  • 01:00: if my channel video clip dedicated this I tried Review something already on Th wood on it quite Normally it yourself then with his I coped by prezi nothing tasted treated image files which had to be set fire made there invert colors prowess some small Well, that such details stamp on Five background droplets Configure options 800 to start speed and set to burn
  • 01:30: the case is not fast so do not sgotovlyu Prosekatel so you can It was with these dies gum are several These dies are not cut with scissors and it rovnenko Soviet tube piece and stainless steel with wall thickness March 2 tenths of a millimeter inner diameter surprisingly accurate I approached in size hmm so dies It will be very convenient Prosekatel clearly you the size of my Chinese good lines
  • 02:00: I consulted on surprise and swaying Zion because of the fact that It stands on conveyers as the bench was busy laser engraver cutter cut Pay with vstavochki such a crisis brand new sharp little if not much in a hurry little by little it is quite Statement stanochek managed cleanliness the surface is not chasing nothing a polished received ostrenkie edge and I this quite the engraver eventually fills
  • 02:30: studio thin awesome the scent of burning rubber but nothing can be and while it can be done It continues to burn I put the blank under its own chip the installer is done unpretentious program from cut here such here 4 points for loggerhead which will then glued each of the dies they are very simple forms can be had on stable machine edge is all but then do I would have had to stand up for this building machine though it is not
  • 03:00: but for a long time tested fizu corn I to not used 1 prozhek was completed I took a brush acetone drench this business Laser rubber converts so here's a black soot it needs to be removed brush turned this too myagenkaya there It has involved the old toothbrush with bristles medium hardness be careful but qualitatively
  • 03:31: remove all soot so how it will prevent penetration laser beam the interior of the rubber in one extending at normal normal speed depth does not reach if you put less speed I'm afraid that a float This figure outlines and never will definition each penetration It took 40 minutes it's rate of 1600 I conducted experiments with other speeds in
  • 04:01: Generally it is necessary here here first grade so said rubber He smashed up the whole evening their part of the night as the It was a certain the date on which the need these dies were here finishing the second run engravings burn again always neatly if cleaned look there already visible loss Figure this tire such a mess schA Yasya otherwise I would in principle, could not
  • 04:30: her from shkurit as you saw at the beginning of video clips and of respectively edge adjoining the hostile ray begin to lose their clarity is me immediately alerted but I have decided to make up and the third end tunneling view what there is the result of which the body problems would have appeared yet experimenting same and different regimes in the engraving is there mode precision engraving
  • 05:01: zigzag less accurate, these two method of work area and have schematic that just burn circuit means there was a blank fixed on the double sided tape and hallmarked I own one Prosekatel He has worked very not bad but again stuck on double sided tape to on a wooden the bank will be but putting glue the meaning of this was little picture practically completely crumbled
  • 05:30: it's all here in this Now blacks but itself tori rubber and graphite Is that contain the something like that because she is mark, even without later Mara and Gado strongly this very US cotton rough on my opinion is not suitable for these purposes, I do not I took another piece this piece of cut from punctured chamber from lorry fairly large larger kamaza probably from otmazatsya paint something like that
  • 06:00: and the camera Soviet it does not produce ear to the new camera I would rather stand there severely damaged putting the ball Well, she went there results on belts at all there gaskets plumbing and the such things I picked up more optimal modes for this rubber picked up speed respectively for unit of time the same point Azer worked
  • 06:31: ie less strongly less aggressive and It was a burning contours are derived Sharper sampling depth per tunneling respectively less and that's after three penetrations like as well as clarity was not bad but seen inclusions of voids such is the felts emptiness whether there namely inclusion some other material because When the laser is on the tires periodically such here flash
  • 07:00: formed as it something burns more all these were not void but rather all there is some inclusions are in this rubber in general that as on it by not came I have the following day ordered psihanula ordered dorogushchuju rubber 15 dollars per sheet A4 is a rubber especially for engraving it does not hand over lasers odor when lived and instead of carbon black constitutes here Now clearly visible Here is such a
  • 07:30: settling in that its carbon I'm just blown away pneumopistol but but here, too, went with clarity the problem pattern on small details as a material without using you need to select mode and this is now the first 2 was an attempt to bust here are 3 already better there below I too late I deleted this carbon snip which was formed and So he bit Dollar CB Line the laser beam for all
  • 08:01: three waves I the best mode for This rubber and I picked up and that's what I could for time left you engrave see now screen result much better than but the rubber it is not perfect called minor details still on even disappearing despite the fact that producers is rubber declares that can be achieved very high accuracy on a
  • 08:31: Soviet resenia Sergey Aleksandrovich there is such a pretty yet known some circles blogger received good results but we will talk at the end of video Prosekatel eat without problems with this rubber carved these dies February 1 3 4 4 Pyaterochka in the background drops there I made two embodiments as did not know which one get better and did the right thing because
  • 09:00: how the option and who would bet that will turn out better This was worse than principal no difference there there was a man asked me to make these dies I mean the difference Five drops on background or a drop in front Five ie inversion that burned that is left and after the stickers on wood blanks I carved stop
  • 09:30: Now this has turned but here's the result that Pyaterochka but evidently that the thinner part the stronger on like It begins to fade intensively lost picture no paint me workshop though any suitable for this purposes and was not found I had to suffer permanent marker even felt-tip pen on a prescription dried up long ago and povybrasyvali their so I will try to somehow apply wipe off marker
  • 10:01: acetone acetone volatile liquid evaporates quickly must clearly guessing how to put marker and for how long already hold dries instantly in acetone of it should quickly Generally dry with testing ti stamps turned out here such that's nonsense, I I think that printer's ink or paint to Print results It will be better though I can not hide it the principle at
  • 10:30: As with the die squirrel It works well the only thing that there is a halo Here in a circle the outside to mean that it is necessary be ground little by pasochku the perimeter these dies easier to do all this on screwdriver did not do not live there nothing is nothing just a piece of skin 180 fineness and screwdrivers Suite removed easily and quickly and this is such a
  • 11:02: I learn the result after four long evenings the charioteer laser engraver let's try to understand why a weak result I will leave a reference in the specification playlist on the channel Sergei Alexandrovich who calls himself joke master 7 discharge although all the same to me will provide a link to it videos of those who squandered yes god with him there its result
  • 11:30: much better and what considerations my on this subject here This machine has good accuracy but very so-so repeatability that it means repeatability not his design Such is stepping Engines of this is Now the axis work on in these Now strap tooth 4 and bags here on pulleys back sound respectively, so he thing is running at
  • 12:01: This how accurately All it costs much It depends on the tension belt that is no it's no problem case like this here ie pump when it works 1 the sinking of principle, I kiev accuracy Polls are not great but it was the sinking of 1 choose their tires deep impossible because if you give low rate will
  • 12:31: loop combustion will overheat Rubber is a loser will very slowly and yarns edge figure will controlled except addition of carbon black knew that there you need layers shoot it well sprays here this thermal energy by area and it is also promotes deterioration of accuracy but if they indulge history is in this Stop here if as the carriage moves depends
  • 13:00: including on that this mansion was the equally tensioned I guess I honor your opinion comments that the problem is with and bad repeatability I focus here I set up to possible and mixing points of the beam and smallest size flyspecked then the principle was I have seen on again and repeatability when run in layers But on the purchase tires here this here good quality
  • 13:30: when one office and from sinking Sun Ok the market will clear after each repetition and sinking it but deepened that its outline night blur therefore burning small the die with high here are the details Here the mountain can not be so that also fit because that among Alexandrovich I mentioned at the his small engraver but fundamentally other designs there is a movable table
  • 14:00: and he moves on such here is how helical stages respectively exactly my opinion until as higher than here these here but remeshochki actually why I this whole video removed in order to Share it here not entirely successful their experience in First may be the answer to this and when something tells of I'd be grateful but secondly can be someone spared from the purchase of this here laser engraver
  • 14:30: it's a design if there the desire of sight to work with I think that the rubber if necessary with a rubber buyers work a country like among Alexandrovich little or take normal laser engraver completely different level, he was a friend but it costs money but at least be perform all tasks that it laying on a tree if the image cool and I for what the carpet and took it is pretty
  • 15:00: great out there here is the error repeatability is not play advantageous some role as the country bubble pretty He is deeply in wood more often if there is we are talking about several passage koch there it is not important And if we're talking about one penetration gene ignited drawing like some there is one picture sinking again good accuracy frequency probably bad so here is such a Well I hope the result 1 to me someone else
  • 15:30: reiterated that the prompt, or at least take for yourself some useful information your subscription, and your no comments stimulate shooting new movies thanks per-view to new meetings