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  • 00:00: good afternoon best knitted fabric is beautiful Lurex fully runs very deep stretches and I sew blouse she oversayz yet the process creation and I like you from you wanted share their experience I I treat seams I knitwear girls subscribers will I asked scribbled jersey see that I completely absolutely
  • 00:30: never crack thread is about the side seam for example also not cracks that This requires you need buy first knitting needle She looks no differs from Conventional needles sewing machines you just need to asks sewing stores where they sell that it was good quality knitting needle and desirable dear because when my life more such cases when my friends
  • 01:00: they saved called when hard labor but needles in fact it was It was very bad gui are still in knitwear made I pass such this shirt here She showed that she was come off it excerpt here I here line junction and it is still very good stretches all elastic nowhere I will not restrain these joints and I will not fail to burst this process navsky blouse and noise personally I like myself
  • 01:30: so tender not very bright Yurik most knitwear saw that I first I did blouse and hid I tried on here I do fitting contrasting thread to this Then it was easy likewise remove then I am the first case no scribbling here Now here I am doing well the other as a yeast - 3 for thread in color here overlook this one here it is
  • 02:01: then I have I delete after no and this prick bulavochkami here on this place where I am scribbling after that I delete this here basting because I I tried to scribble from blueprint then that this line it certainly very strong elastic but it so good then himself absorbs this thread is all that very hard to and when I get probyvala scribbling already without basting
  • 02:31: just at the time of I scribbled I gradually removed just bulavochki Now will show you how is doing, and after this I will very good plastic stitch that not even the fact that the not burst and now then it is very difficult even will dissolve even if you yourself want so We need a hundred times before measure up to look like it or no but only after this already scribbling I tune
  • 03:01: I have a car ray machine is old but good lines and I do not have purposes and to change my there's a typewriter Such is the function I see here I use it here the 21's it if it turns out meet one of knitting needle in It will be here soon Such are, as it were three just such lines who return and built it again But if scribbling the twin needle Here is a
  • 03:30: drawing the rest I absolutely nothing me here now I have the biggest the number's width Stitch's in here Chamber I is just an ordinary a line down the middle and I scribbled here only simply like this Now what that means all do see me here was basting this hatch This applies to any seam
  • 04:00: Now it was I first OVIR puddle here I overrule holds today sectioned, and here I am We prick along I was just a seam cabin kolo nova
  • 04:31: then I remove basting now she I no longer need and just the most common I tune will be able to show here this is me here adjustment this is a stitch or I know on your machine Rollers on such number it will all be here I look again show seam should
  • 05:00: be should stretch stick initial pods here tail so as not to confused but she from below We do from the edge on this distance on what I need one centimeter and the Fool Now you can no longer keep this one seam and measure promotion I fabrics simply here I refer here to the extent promote tissue
  • 05:31: retain and equals just edge of the article it is closer sloppy real-time to I onion and he thus remain forever if it was
  • 06:01: plain stitch it at least such as to it was broken, and so
  • 06:32: can be connected absolutely any street convict tissue there are no restrictions look carefully So I'm doing it specifically here tension and you should hear is my voice, and you must hear no absolutely no the tissue sections stitch turns elastic and externally Basically he does not different from the usual line it's just me I know and here told that this This way personal
  • 07:00: my personal experience I tuned like I learned to scribble home to ordinary sewing cars without any frills here so that's flexible stitch see it at all and we can be stitched by absolutely any seams in this way absolutely no such knitted fabrics that it can be could not be done and Even if you want to make finishing strictly top bag it can also be
  • 07:30: do only that we have only begun lines in the morning started just scribbling Practicing here tails here thread back hand and then you will not get confused here Here's the bottom in bobbin there shuttles see all thread see my video my teaching workshops comment on when you like the place Class I grateful to have I will get Of course from you nice feedback
  • 08:00: but even if you I believe that somewhere nothing wrong you worry me We are writing to you maybe talk where I changed his I just outlook just kidding and show only I know your own experience is no limit perfect if you also know some raisins or some such interesting sewing tricks I you share and I will be grateful if you're with me, too, You will share
  • 08:30: thank you bye