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We put Internals and the Backbone into place [Easy and Powerful Exercise]  See details »



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  • 00:00: [music] Hello my name Alexander Zinkov founder of the first Seung School longevity today I I would like to tell you a very classy exercise is I do it yourself and you necessarily help in We all deformed posture
  • 00:30: the spine is usually lowered center of gravity in this case, too, the pelvic bones or at the same height as the check one height or not put simply his thumbs on protruding forward pelvis and right it will be clear to what height one or not it exercise is then show you It solves many and that's the problem
  • 01:00: fun to do and it surely help those who have dangles belly stomach omitted weak rectum female incontinence urine or omission uterine prolapse these exercises is exercise you surely help if you do it systematically to do as well as all others it is desirable to do prevention in order to avoid
  • 01:31: any disease or they quickly left the your body and so exercise is very simple source standing position but with socks and heels together and stop not rises in during exercise we lay hands on the sides torso hipbone how to identify well it is or not simply brush
  • 02:01: bend the knee immediately feel that hand is on hipbone second leg too bend too He feels that is and now put just starting slowly stretch its body up feel it stretches like tire your body does not hurry in this it can stretch
  • 02:30: be surprisingly long feels Now raise your hands You can put chest chest slightly arch your spine further align get rid of stoop in this position when the spine fully
  • 03:00: aligned and body pulled up lower your arms relax your hands and shoulders and drag Only the neck up drag drag drag and thus feel that the vision your getting better not heavy and scarlet easy feeling well now the following action
  • 03:32: tighten all the muscles pelvic and hold them near minutes with the lift your center the severity of which It is at 3 centimeters below the navel and also at the top drag up and drag drag
  • 04:01: now the last act straining muscles starting with the tips toes pelvis and lower leg bucket further tighten all the abdominal muscles back hands and internal all internal organs bodies and rise up and the heart and light all
  • 04:31: you neck strain how to take off Now relax Here is an exercise prevention it is desirable to do in the morning and in the evening beautiful exercise helps many diseases stand up your center gravity in place
  • 05:02: spine hurts you symmetrical pelvis bones put finest Exercises for your health but who have problems there are as it should be voiced to do as often as faster than you want get rid of the problems at all with this you was Alexander Oleynikov If you liked put video not like a subscribe to our
  • 05:31: Channel 1 to receive health information and longevity your comments send me, I will happy to answer your all good questions Alexander was with you Oleynikov be healthy and live long [music] [music]