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Scarf - snud = knitted ornament, crochet scarf - Crochet Decoration (Sh No. 68)

Scarf - snud = knitted ornament, crochet scarf - Crochet Decoration (Sh No. 68)  See details »

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  • 00:03: its channel today I want to offer you another interesting original idea Scarf-collar LICs knitted decoration necklace and then there are many variations knit here this here long ribbon that then develops into
  • 00:30: twice here already worn as scarf as LIC can be different associate and one thread, I decided apply link your ostatochki different which usually have We accumulate the have first we were binding basis of the Tunisian knitting it dense enough it is warm and then bind here are colored chain
  • 01:01: of stitches If you like the idea of this here Here is an interesting I think enough let liked we begin to see knitting with the main Tunisian tape crochet recruit December 13 loops depending on the thickness recruit 2 3 4 5
  • 01:30: 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 say yes We gathered here and so recruit not tight tightening because difficult for us then will begin Knit the first row in each air hook and loop, enter take on sc sc like this hook manner and, therefore, not tight
  • 02:02: tighten as usual knitting a simple Crochet our task sc in each sc around, and the hook and the sc here's our last loops are now We begin to knit the first loop provyazyvaem one Al-Sisi next 2 eyelets 2 eyelets
  • 02:30: Scriptures we have today It is very unusual very interesting Creative scarf from various remnants of thread I will now all we will show the main knit with you just such a basis The first loop we There is a second, and that's because broach such pro So they are bad vertical line their seen good and we are here hook injected under everyone here is such a column vertical line
  • 03:00: well visible thread Now crochet simple enough simple thing prilovchilis possible not knit Tunisian keys and you hoka simple but without the handle this is our last loop here again begin to wash away first one and now already two columns Tunisian here
  • 03:33: Our task knit two tape length his head in the there we'll be with you knit LICs here and so will Knit thus Now I have the tape already connected, we will knit LICs we need length to be was her rinse here
  • 04:00: sew and to have It was on the circumference of the head well here and so straight well-dressed but not very wide and slightly narrower Now it will be our on the basis of this basis, we see Now I have here is wealth that is here thread different textures different colors thickness Now these are not the way we simply will knit with you air hinges chain that is here at I residues to
  • 04:31: take any thread and I want to knit and all residues tie simply air simply loops aerial loops here and then we have them We will be attached to the our main canvas ie the basic canvas will we here and so yes knit until the end of proshom here but I have not even It connected to the end of volume of the head to the turnover was two
  • 05:00: fold and sew We start with this places to knit aerial loops exactly the same length Contact us with your I tape if fold it in half foremost figure it will dress your his head is all that is centimeters long thickness is not so He is playing the role we were binding as well to Are you on the heads of all and they sewed all completed
  • 05:30: Now I do not have tied strings other color here at I have not taken such simple hook 325 and won different and blue strings like who know eat brilliantly is without glitter has thicker there is a thinner It does not matter here and Now our task a very simple take aerial loops Air loop here it's all our knitting aerial loops you
  • 06:00: knit around perimeter dovyazyvayte up here and connect to the edge even knit and even knit and more it is possible to knit Here I am here here here has tied together the how many threads enough then joined here then here and then here that is so knit circle air boat knit together the We joined and look much to us as we Here you can enjoy
  • 06:31: knit just the same brilliant you get strings or rolls add unpretentious strings as series as you like Now it's all because of her it is such an interesting and all of our leftovers thread we shall use and yielding very beautiful and interesting knitting as anybody No such creative I used all his blue ostatochki colors that I were there to even
  • 07:00: see that there blue and svetlenkie you some pearly gleam just with lurex color or without Yurik your questions pinetochki woolen about the same blue tint here I see them with one hand crepe and since others have done so here's how to tie and that's if you do so here Here we pull it turns out here such Now this is an interesting interesting polosochka and we will turn off
  • 07:30: twice for to put on nicely on the neck so she we have pulled most The basic fundamentals we well-dressed I'm over my head but showed how it be done and then just simply tie our air cords on the belt and it turns out in the end that's quite a regional scarf
  • 08:01: we can say and scarves and LICs and knitted Ilya decoration collar that is, there are many so and the name we will very beautiful It looks interesting and warm enough for by the fact that we which is the basis of attached here are our pigtails are all They know how to knit If you like the idea like it should be to adopt tie on podarochki
  • 08:31: It may be for itself can be for children It may be a new , in the family and close to use its residues are we always small glomeruli roll disappears such original gift if you I liked the idea give all tyazhem pleasant viewing until we meet again