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  • 00:01: Hello dear subscribers now we are You'll like make prints from gypsum in the home conditions for to do with a baguette plaster we have to find a suitable for himself rail for this we have come building hypermarket and in the department of ceiling baseboards choose appropriate for us Next we get a watering can Sealant aka aka silicone and starch at We corncob you
  • 00:30: You can also take as potato starch is unprincipled pour on starch hard surface on the next step you You must add Sealant starch We need to make some effort to his good squeeze so to speak because it is not quite that simple especially if you girls better ask some assistant Now
  • 01:04: Do you see or we have our our silicone task now Mix it all with starch carefully slowly we need It will make it up to the consistency of the rather thick test here it is important not hurry and very good enough and carefully all
  • 01:30: mix process recalls kneading here we turned on starch test on we read stage roll out to roll out thin sausage
  • 02:04: [music] after we did next Stage is all of these carefully and come our rivers do it slowly pushing each segment we have about 20-30 minutes until
  • 02:30: the final shape hardens so better not to hurry as this will basis already for reusable base for has several details such our baguette Next we get the plaster we taken from the gypsum waves Buster prepared year, it must be cool and or roomed temperature necessarily adding water and gypsum and not vice versa [music] carefully stir
  • 03:03: Next, we fill gypsum form try not go beyond the edge and to do so was formed smaller bubbles there should not be worry about evenness fill Gibson You can even just longer it too fill out this form because then all it can accurately but it is better to remove
  • 03:31: what if you do not Fill out this form fully We are working on each lot It can be a little bit shake form to get rid of bubbles
  • 04:02: so we almost We filled our entire form now need work out some areas there where gypsum little we inflict additional layer [music]
  • 04:37: As you can see bubbles virtually none is says that our the form will close and non-porous [music]
  • 05:06: Now all that you We can see from above You need to collect ruler else some assistant which means even here we board made such plastic shovel for the first time it seemed to us that they are very sharp so he did We decided to bring another
  • 05:30: time now fairly evenly [music] We are working on all cloth to make it more clearly visible border out and reserve congeal
  • 06:04: waiting 30-40 minutes Standby time we expired motto but almost froze not much more firmly he needs will still specific drying and later we but now tell we need to get from the mold
  • 06:30: We do it carefully in no hurry each part of the bit pushing because Gypsum is very fragile in this state, he can easily break more so when such at We have a long piece This can occur better to do like this gradually separated our form of it suffice it to separated therefore not It is no
  • 07:02: works that recall this form is Reusable and you it is useful to future also you Can the same way to do some other form something other meets his so ti etc. So we got our already finished the bar can be models it looks like original practically indistinguishable such
  • 07:32: manipulation we We held three times Now we take stationery knife are working some rough Lots do not try do it right perfect because after complete drying our We plan to be opportunity to work it all more details using nazhdachku I use emery It was both
  • 08:07: concludes processing of our icons can be so stroking movements Here we see that the Get 3 planochki + original I remind that the width our frame 50 centimeters and a height 25 that is one of them
  • 08:30: we must cut half do it while the gypsum is not yet it is not so dry it should go wrong and here we come to the already more interesting parts on order so that in the future we You can join this all in full baguette we will need to be cut such we do not slide
  • 09:02: use chair so doing this price is a slight eye pressing we commemorate whereupon loop postpone our stream and can safely and and cut it so good Pressing can be enhanced
  • 09:33: that's so easy and simple we have already obtained Area see that we've got all this we can sanding up emery paper we
  • 10:01: light at ease movements at ease movements stroking all is sanded Now we will our bar gram To see flat angle turned or not on video It is likely to be seen but we were much that corner a little bit uneven from the inside so we decided it
  • 10:30: more sanding to suitable us result now all suits well now we we use the stove for fast drying course of it they may dry up independently but we We accelerated this process to have faster So move on Now we need after all
  • 11:00: details are well we can dry out to begin Processing times for the same that stage when it We need to more carefully we work through them have taken nazhdachku it we such a long very convenient because what can the whole figure trace along the top down to work out but to our dog rush and exactly the same on each side can take I can wait to softer
  • 11:31: it is a style and you work while it is not necessary already not pushing the plan [music] next step is ground because necessarily need all primed Circuits
  • 12:00: it is not to be smooth them well I laid out the dye [music] we chose white acrylic paint which let's say from budget discharge paints as we struck the ground, how you see great rests any paint even the cheapest segment and now we bear the main
  • 12:30: color layer again you need to very carefully paint over all elements [music] Yes Next we get the paint there are different colors the same pricing policy It is the most inexpensive and we chose
  • 13:01: metallic color such silver rich and beautiful Now we will top here so here by means of a sponge you do not apply the second dye such movements like skype or and fast movements point applying [music]
  • 13:30: very carefully and grow and do so here if you want to Silver was more You can enhance clicking [music] then do another one coat [music] after a while we to paint over all the details we will need between
  • 14:00: is the glue Now you can look at the ready results and we our frame is preparing for plaster casts and and further show as well as take home conditions was also prepared background and mat we decided to make here this picture I
  • 14:30: just such a composition and as you can see we have our frame decorates Here's a bunch of further we have done the same way too small details ornamentation it was jewelery taken as a basis, and did the same way as Casting our form they can see how to decorate our our composition Here we see another
  • 15:00: add picture beydzhiki MPS data baby and also for We have been prepared advance gypsum casts but now the picture has closer to completion of the Board only and to think and think of how all it is better to attach our badge and decorations
  • 15:30: let's say it conditional registration Of course there can be all that you wish well or completely different but the concept important that we Now this has turned beautiful baguette before baguette really I get a nice can decorate any interior you can
  • 16:03: do it at home alone but following Video lessons we We show many many interesting work that can be to come up and make home of gypsum so subscribe to our channel and to new meetings wish you luck [music]