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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone today It will be several tips which will be useful you working with door and screwdriver Well if you go you need something drill drill say 0 5 millimeters and the less you unpleasantly surprised so that clamp it in chuck likely will not work but do not despair you I do not have a home adapter you just still do not know it usually need rod from ball pens cut a piece
  • 00:30: required length and given stifle it in Insert here shaped adapter drill in at least a interference By the way if you I needed a new drill or screwdriver then to save time when choosing help convenient service e catalog thanks a bunch filters you quickly pick up what We need in addition
  • 01:00: immediately possible to read Reviews and select the optimal price leave a link in description below the video the following advice As for trim holes in the paper fabrics and leathers so if you continue thinking stitch thick stack of papers and take this for the usual drill likely Now get this The result in this case must be tubular drill and produce it easier to a simple pinch tubing suitable diameter in screwdrivers and sharpen the edge here
  • 01:36: so much better way of antenna You can get a set of drills well as bonus obzavedetes yet confetti If a thin or narrow rail to score
  • 02:00: it is possible to nail Now get this result to prevent this It was better in advance for drilled and not to to seek suitable for diameter drill easier to drill this hole so the nail [music] Now it is not necessary fear that material will spoiled and it is very easy the conductor but he can be very
  • 02:30: useful when drilling crowns and feathers Foster drills let's say you need expand or transfer openings one drill is not very simple task here and so much more convenient [music] By the way if you want to drill a lot of identical holes at a distance such that Kalinka also useful now tell how very accurate drill through holes in the pipe
  • 03:00: almost any diameter without complex fixtures we need part tetrad sheet cell anchoring one end of the tape or glue and smooth wrapped with pipe mark up where necessary hole further measure diameter pipe and very simple formula we find half circumference postpone the first mark displace back and with two drill pipe sides so
  • 03:34: It can be very accurately a drill pipe any quantity equidistance holes and if just mark necessary number of papers work will go far faster instead exercise book can be used masking tape and now the budget stand for drill or screwdriver which can be made on the knee for 10 minutes with two smoke breaks screwdriver truth have too little modernized in
  • 04:00: This will help thermo glue or plastic screed [music] The result is That is now no drilling quality Remember use I service catalog not to waste for a long time search as well as subscribe there is still much useful [music]