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Fragrant BOILED PORK - PASTRAMI from a turkey - YouTube

Fragrant BOILED PORK - PASTRAMI from a turkey - YouTube  See details »




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  • 00:06: Hello dear my offer today to prepare for the country usually a delicate manufacture of beef but I will use fillets turkeys for prepare me you need one kilogram fillet turkey saline which is prepared from based on 1 liter Cold water 2 tablespoons salt will need about 2 l 4, respectively,
  • 00:30: tablespoons salt spice set all the spices you can customized for your I taste here One such mixture of teaspoon mixture various peppers quarter teaspoon red hot pepper 2 teaspoons sweet paprika 2 2 teaspoons oregano teaspoons dry basilica 1 tsp coriander and half teaspoon dried garlic 1 teaspoon classic mustard and two or three tablespoons tablespoons vegetable
  • 01:00: oils I washed fillets of Dried and now I bring in little order cut all I have too much here A bit more kilogram we can be 100 grams to output as a just stayed kilogram if you breast with leather skin need will be removed and of course to consider it weighs Well, that's pretty beautiful making salt solution This 3-liter pots I
  • 01:31: 2 liters water cleaned up Dissolve the salt in the the taste of the water should be very salty and Dip the meat it It must be fully closed water leave it that way condition for 2 hours and while I make the marinade it needs to Mix all the spices mustard and vegetable oil add oil in so many just combine all the spices here it is porridge
  • 02:00: state of After two hours I take out the meat and include oven for a maximum of 250 degrees and Now the meat rubs spices from all if you want to party you can lard with garlic [music] [music]
  • 02:34: It has to wait while the oven fully warm up shift the meat shape the way the recipe suggests how to bake the clear and baking foil so that is to your taste you can wrap send the meat in fully heated oven after 15 minutes I turn off the oven and the meat is in it another two hours but oven door there can not be opened
  • 03:02: one more thing I prepared languish only in electrical oven and as far as I I know from the past experience through the eyes of an oven It cools down faster It could be someone have experience cooking Gas will be very glad if you share but if I'm Finish in the gas, I would after 15 minutes decreased temperature to 200 degrees and then and turned off after 10 15 minutes and also I would leave the meat on two hours time has passed and you can look that happened
  • 03:31: [music] Well as you can see cons inside quite ready [music] and at the same time inside bosom overdried itself cops is not an island but condiments on top there Pepper so if
  • 04:00: You will be given to children or someone not sharp He loves condiments needed or clean it cropped area use of such meat is very wide it can be supplied as an independent dish can be can garnish use for for sandwiches various salads snacks as a prompt you to your imagination It is such a pastrami from turkey me turned and necessarily will you certainly cook and I wish you a pleasant appetite
  • 04:30: Thank you for view of your huskies and comments I wish you success in all your endeavors until we meet again [music]