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  • 00:03: hello food tubers is me cupcake Gemma and it's Christmas and I love Christmas when I was a kid my mom always used to get me a Yule Log because I was really fussy and I didn't like Christmas pudding I'm going to show you how to make something better than a Yule Log and that is middie your logs they taste amazing and because of all that booze and spices and they're a really really Christmassy the first thing we need to do is to make the sponge I'm just going to use three large free-range eggs which
  • 00:31: I am separating whisk these guys up the egg whites first get them to a point at which the peaks are kind of just about forming and then you need to add 25 grams of caster sugar and then mix it until they're really holding I'm just going to check them again just to see if they're ready and they are yeah so I'm just going to pop that to one side until I'm ready to use it and now I need to
  • 01:03: whip my egg yolks up with another 50 grams of caster sugar until it's gone really pale light and fluffy okay so what you're aiming for is this lovely pale yellow buttery kind of color and it's all gone a bit moosie and this is just right for the next stage which is putting the cocoa powder and a Christmassy spices in so but a little sip here and I've got 25 grams of cocoa
  • 01:32: powder and then I'm going to get Christmassy so I've got a teaspoon of cinnamon and half a teaspoon of ground ginger and then a good pinch of ground cloves and just sift that through as well because we don't want to lose any air because this is all lovely and moosie and light now under needs a metal spoon to fold all that through scrape around the sides and bring it back into the middle I like to turn the bowl at
  • 02:00: the same time for maximum foliage so that's all nicely folded through I'm going to grab just a tablespoon of my egg whites to loosen up this mix because this is quite sticky still fold that in quite vigorously and then you need to fold the rest of the egg whites in in three stages and be quite gentle with this because you don't want to knock more air out mmm-hmm this is starting to lit really fluffy and voluptuous now it's time to bake it so I've got a
  • 02:30: baking tray greased and lined pour that in don't worry too much if you think it looks a bit thin these are minis and then I'm going to use a cranked pallet knife then you don't have to like drag your knuckles through your nice sponge and I'm just going to spread it out a little bit so that it reaches all the corners just be really gentle right I think that's nice and level now so we bake it at 180 degrees C which is 350 Fahrenheit or 10
  • 03:00: to 12 minutes check it at 10 if it needs more add more mm-hmm mmm smells really Christmassy and it's already got some bouncing back quite nicely I'm just going to pop it down for a couple of minutes to cool down and then I'm going to turn it I've got a board lined with baking parchment here I'm just going to pop that on top of it and it's still pretty hot so I'm gonna
  • 03:30: use these we should just drop out if you've lined it right yes and I did and because we don't it dry out because it is really thin I'm just gonna cover that with a tea towel and get on with making my buttercream buttercream is really really easy and chocolate buttercream is the best ever and I have got 60 grams of dark chocolate use it chocolate with at least 70% cocoa solids I've got banner e in front of me and I'm just going to break that up and pop it
  • 04:00: into me bowl melt that over a really low heat and if this won't take very long at all because there's not much chocolate in there I'm going to take it off the heat to cool down a bit so it's just still liquidy but nice and cool and I've got a hundred grams of unsalted butter make sure it's nice and soft beat that really well until it's gone really pale and fluffy right that's all nicely whipped up I've got 180 grams of icing sugar and I'm going to sift that into the bowl in two stages
  • 04:32: and mix really well in between each one so start on a low speed and then increase it now it's time for the next bit right that's gone really nice and pale so I'm gonna get some brandy just add
  • 05:00: two tablespoons and mix it for a couple of minutes until it's really pale and fluffy smelling really Christmassy I'm gonna put the chocolate in now just mix that together with a blender as well easy-peasy and that is already mmm so it's really light and fluffy really mousse like so
  • 05:31: I've got my delicious brandy chocolate buttercream and my loveless sponge use your crank pallet knife to spread it to all corners of your sponge so it's just quite a thin layer but make sure the whole thing is covered using a sharp knife trim off those ragged edges so once you've trimmed your sides off you just need to cut it into rectangles I reckon I can get 8 out of this and we're going to get rolling so roll away from
  • 06:00: you hmm look at that guy that's why I don't want to fill it too much because you don't want it to all smush out the sides needs to be nice and neat and then just carry on doing that with the rest of them but that's what my little Yule logs rolled up and raring to go so we're going to cover them in chocolate ganache make them look like logs I've got 115 milliliters of double cream
  • 06:30: and I'm just gonna heat that but now I just need to break up my chocolate so 100 grams here so with the cream you don't want to bring it completely to the boil you just want to wait for it to start getting little bubbles on the top so once it's ready just pour it straight on to the chocolate and just leave it for 1 minute and then stir it okay so once that's all nicely mixed and yummy just grab a little spoonful of it and
  • 07:01: drizzle it over each Yule Log okay they've set for a couple of minutes and nearly there but they don't look very lucky so you can use a skewer or a fork but I like using toothpicks and I'm just gonna drag but walk into the surface of the ganache and then don't forget the end bit alright so they look a lot more lucky now but they've still got a little way to go so I'm just going to put the EF de resistance
  • 07:31: on top and I've made some little sugar paste holly leaves and berries now you use a little tiny circle cutter to make my basic circle and then I cut out the Holly leaf shapes using that and then for the berries I just rolled them together with my fingers okay there's just one more thing that's gonna make this extra extra Christmassy make it flow on top so I'm gonna use some icing sugar take the dorbz look at those little bundles of joy
  • 08:01: that's so Christmassy they smell amazing I can't wait to eat them and hopefully you can't wait to make them and if you like this video and you want to see more yummy Christmas Eve videos and don't forget to subscribe to foodtube by clicking on the link down there and if you want more sweet stuff then you can definitely subscribe to my channel which is down here click on that and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and get lots of chocolate all over your face Oh