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  • 00:10: good morning and we again I'm with you sooner kurkurina and Alain times Inter is He came to us from a distance because parents Here, thank God, we can our telezritelnitsam Now again cycle to continue conversations face up to in this case musiienko We decided to talk about theme and the food it
  • 00:30: effect on the person right because girl I always them though their fitness trainer girls remember you You will look well then you You will eat good wholesome food Products not then when you apply but on the expensive cream you know the old buildings new whitewash and wait what will you rejuvenate from this just what we consumed within It will give to give us to bring the blood their skin and not only but the body and face and rejuvenate at tears plus loads of exercise in this case to
  • 01:00: it is advised to have additional techniques and vitamins that the inward and it is for the skin I girl cook because what do you advise for persons required to We need to take omega-3 or omega 369 to simply put especially those frontiers who deals fitness why need we need nutrients girl look running account penny is worth and how paradoxically and people do not know how you tell me again also my greetings friends in Germany orgy jib she told me Arita not remember one Look how well I
  • 01:30: quick look It should be run serious woman Ukraine quickly He ran paid for itself bottle of natural fish oil without capsules, and daily teaspoon drink or two weeks, you are my person is not found on seriously he's out smelly red tape you you want to be beautiful quickly ran this Russian woman thanks only Council and because very much in our country on a no problems at all there money and similar Sissi is that the turn Of course it is worth it plus fish oil do not only when he It comprises omega-3 is
  • 02:00: it is necessary not only to Skin it is necessary for the person joints necessarily naturally with age metabolism as are already drinking tea, but I but since she said teaspoon a day helps. it is desirable and here we it is not necessary nor even what there to sniff seizes today what else I I ' like to take also in the capsules have such an additive It called oil Evening primrose and also known as female women's supplement is the first time from you then I honestly heard I liked
  • 02:30: the effect of this oil at what Malovichko OMC oil this Plants that there minaj this unique very good affects woman's body frankly I very dry skin I always suffer from water and sun it I covered all personally at all likely All dry skin because that the rays of the sun I I sit and when we heating is switched the same way, yes dry skin plywood and winter Cutting Primrose Course evening I noticed changes in their skin she stopped be as strong not very dry
  • 03:00: I liked but again the mean jackpot some I saw on my one and a half months I had enough and I also I think that goes back and I ' like again all supplements you should how then consult with doctor home, we do not We assign them to no one no pills all it is very small, you place your feet so I fish oil works we We can give as I straightened getting both younger it is saturated with both, but then I accept as coenzyme q10, too courses twice a year
  • 03:30: and Article drug kun 10 they will have a demo pharmacies also not expensive worth it inches Roche and those who for Brush the skin take drugs immediately or advise pants and then run go directly to then come on a government prefer not because kneading that no matter how accurately you need to to reconcile dose right dosage soap naturally can not no longer chemists biochemists, I usually do not biochemist, we do not know I went to a reaction can join these drugs between themselves so to be honest stand up for himself and do I split
  • 04:01: sometimes mixing the rear Why I hear I let one the drug can Shtro 2 dinner 3 nothing that is if the drug is not causes arousal we were taught to run It does not cause agitation or too Primrose I accept drugs but again Chechen women should be all on Statement yes yes yes all all very individually need listen to yourself Listen, I think listen to your body but never a bad thing I want to advise water means it really need Water is also a bunch of necessary and to today so at least one and a half to two liters
  • 04:30: same day from the same again mastic it calculated evil herd needs and the climate where you are RESIDENT eternal drink water such quantities I write hard water just from morning till evening drink and drink and to drink in the first place you you did not know, and tasty Well water and water According to a very very britain many write I can not this wheel conclusions drink and when body large mass of them should be 3-4 liters says I can not so much liters of water to drink it type I do not like I remember I came Antin training that the bottle was a lemon in
  • 05:01: you there is something are mixed of course decide youtube swimming and mountaineer basile and power when polutoralitrovye broken bottle basil leaves slightly literally it is necessary to brush He blew floor cucumbers cut into slices stuck in a bottle Lemon ring too cut by a quarter Innochka stuffed a bottle of water and aerated Shake and obtained in the same chic First very refreshing but then again it's desirable organic cucumbers gardens I have personally go our funny
  • 05:30: who has time to Choose the vegetable garden cucumbers from there and I girls advise adding liquid water amino Zhidkin amino acids in which there is a good percentage collagen composition because for women are very important tightening of the skin when begin to drink water tedx two ways is water they become delicious with different flavors belongings current there with the very pineapple many different species and type I drink and drink both know but additionally consuming consume protein that I needed so that You can alternate basically tonics
  • 06:01: amino acids, and that's just brewed for you Greece recalled how our fairy tales daughter showed boyars We cut cucumber realized such slices cavalli and myself as a person you dumash and now happy to let things go cucumbers riding their whether we should have to cut putting them on the face what note 2 to use by chance, I think when I can not to say that I was there super vegan or there there super fan Super Duper Organic things but I prefer organic truth the truth I favor only organic I do not makeup
  • 06:30: I abhor impose Statement cucumber on face it's like porridge scale said that I I do with cucumber I live in a hot climate, we have a very hot so I really I love to make love wipe the face with ice in order to freshen up It may be some wake up with utretsa and that now and then I take I it is cut cucumber on such thin circles yah how much of diagonally somewhere half no thicker than a centimeter Chad can be even I take less food
  • 07:00: film put online circles side by side together We thrust freezer in the morning at You ready cucumber ice I take these two thin platelets wipe face cucumber frozen up simultaneously cool that even except for cooling when we get rub August the achievement of a fresh Of course silly to wait we have some of the wrinkles He smoothed but feeling of refreshment someone is very tools nice but in our case that the regularity are regularly something bad apart cucumbers and mouse murrina
  • 07:31: Grant White what grapes and why not superior to red that of red you face a little paint and white I prefer goal I take regular grapes on a good ripe Grapes are now the mom in the garden break when brewing I cut each grape on halves Again, these grape halves I I freeze and halves wipe face acid on waking Court went into the chart
  • 08:00: creams and places We also correctly natural product at night it is necessary to see when we have wiped grapes face I have I leave minutes five this juice it can a little bit pinch yes here at some may be irritation is very individually need check for allergy course such things tingling principle normally five minutes you wash ourselves some water and cool face is certainly very Well here's the season when grapes So he matures I shorter than a month or two possible while and ripen Award bye bye
  • 08:31: you can and can freeze in the winter well, just do not annoy his fire still feature is that the grapes it should be juicy varieties here if it is juicy ice will be more quality is more convenient this is a practice It is published and different grade canister Rogov Lada's soft some varieties of juicy not very good to me Mom example here I advise ice ice itself lost Is there a daisy he I can be heard he was not the wire years with even need a camomile bother brewing and so will
  • 09:01: doll's head, he and he threw vshil the way we We talked and talked about I rose water completely forgotten how to say freeze discs rosewater cotton swabs to cotton pads have their no but it is important that smartly his number on coupons Yes, we use a damp pink some water that they It was enough wet slightly but they squeeze should be well wet again take the same plastic wrap these wet wadded drives and drive way better on the break two parts so that it a tone so thin
  • 09:30: It will be more comfortable then on the morning of use circles posted on plastic wrap wet frozen utretsa we take this soaked pink water sponzhik wiping his face well, once gone out of their sockets It has power but again all cold procedures associated with wiping they face ice course can be contraindications Now people who have We had problems with tragic boundaries manner you with such things experiment be very careful
  • 10:00: they have the likelihood of which can aggravated by cold so there is need to be very careful If you have such disease do not ever give Lord was you is when sudorgi on it begins to dawn bite misalignment facial paralysis password half of the face is very dangerous things so the best events of course exclude question better again people have intolerance to yes and let it happen very unpleasant and cold from this, they do not people like this certainly do not need themselves rape and album well wiped it was enough human consumption in
  • 10:31: who have problems capillary network Facial rosacea bright they also expressed I do not care provoke although I also had rosacea he practically disappeared I wipe sel home not everything is in order again same is my individual let me feature it is not very suitable like that is, I have these ice wheels cucumbers grapes this I always have refrigerators nor have a real women in all
  • 11:00: too basic refrigerator cars cooked meat to product father could three days and processed but not Here I slept circles coffin under the eyes very often even Chenki probably you You need to wake It was on television quiet and today the ice I got rubbed out there something we coat somehow put themselves in order that this should be the case of girls it wakes them there I do not know Sabantui there any shooting there Do something else swelling under the tried and tested youtube from nothing there I let's say from lack of sleep overvoltage there but
  • 11:31: have binge yes there and I want to come in private causes swelling to the Unfortunately the age of 30 almost every second network Woman starts face At first it happens so in the morning I woke up face little can it is necessary to tell the fallen a little bit puffy need water Vodicka holodnenkoe washed Galechka but then I rinsed I ask yes and then you understand that it and lasts until lunch then you know it's just any permanent You state this person is already beginning get used yes of course
  • 12:00: puffiness worse if you taking alcoholic beverages but it is one hundred percent and alcohol delays water if you consume carbohydrates after five or six evening matter how many time she did not have carbohydrates after the fact in the second half days before the carbs so I Last year learned about this chip that too I started to grow thin on your year for me it was also opening about carbohydrates the evening and when Charles mojet said that such Carol Cuff very
  • 12:31: famous American author system site Farsi who lives Los Angeles and I'm in the last year I went to her study and Of course just happy with experience to meet and 70 years, it certainly It looks luxurious forbid God every interrogation thanks for delishsya for our on women these secrets, and so this one said light if you do not You want to have poher swollen face in the morning
  • 13:01: no carbs after five not the girl want here pretty face your any woman He wants to be beautiful and not just due to the fact that you will be fat where possible and reverse even if you want to cross carbohydrates delays water as a result there is swelling what to do in the morning six of these rapid take 1 cold and hot shower douche it is such a thing wipe the face with ice if not contraindications to complete 50 sit-ups stop talking about
  • 13:30: squat to multipartite exercise is starts when finally you Do not prefer a Only in the face and body exactly hear all squat lead Besides that improves your lymphatic drainage the investigator and the body fluid outflow improving therefore, to squat and Dad will be here as well generally a bunch of heart earn it passed but and yourself and if you do not 50 can just clear not matter who playing sports for them it It can not be May 5 times then another 5 hands Oles there we across for no load and at least that
  • 14:00: squat excellent means that launches them on drainage process vote then if you have the time you you can do some Lymphatic Drainage massazhik which You can run on somebody beauty mask you must have a good slide your hands on person or it can be perform dry lymphatic drainage at all should touch be very soft sweeter than you touch the face better you will result the more you click on its face result you will have
  • 14:30: little we next time likely to show you people and equipment because even so then why do not simmer carbohydrates crouch and the next gear Cape Alenka meet again and show you basic techniques so simple to does not hurt to which each girl can on at least show nice to fight for the face thank you for being with us and we Ukrainian woman giving hi all woman no Lama to
  • 15:00: We were happy and happy woman will always carry joy will be but any woman when she is happy forever beautiful Of course thanks to give