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Yoga for a good dream with Katerina Buyda  See details »

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  • 00:00: Yoga for a good sleep initial position lying on his back with lights leg Grasp knees tighten feet to yourself and lower your hip to live relax lower back and base his broad rump part lie on the floor and your feet knees pressed against each other 4 accounts breath through the nose 1 2 3 4 and 4 exhalation account
  • 00:36: by mouth four three two one keep breathing this Pose a kind massage internal bodies it encourages and normalizes digestion remove the voltage from waist and hips It calms the nervous
  • 01:00: system when the mind and body rest is reached internal stability and appeasement joined together soles of the feet and lower your them on the floor one hand He sank belly the other on the chest can continue breathe as well as in previous position or can deepen
  • 01:30: breath Imagine that before you do the mirror inhale through the nose then exhale through not mouth sound like want to imaginary mirror misted on your breathing through the breath nose 4 times two accounts 4 three exhale through the mouth 8 eight accounts
  • 02:00: seven six five four three two one if you feel tension in the groin placed under knees a blanket or a pillow lifting up the knees help himself with his hands bring your knees up to belly on the inhale seizure of arms
  • 02:30: outer side stop kindle knees soft guiding them in hand slightly wider Lead body knees to the armpits shin perpendicular floor gently Davie legs and arms hands in heels creating soft hips resistance tightens the body and down to the floor pulling spine lengthening neck withdrawing crown from the back of the head
  • 03:00: the neck is not raising buttocks up presses to the sacrum Breathe in the floor area hip joints feel the tension evaporates and is replaced please him come relaxation of muscles ligaments and joints exhale, relax the legs neatly feet together and unite Put your feet on the floor
  • 03:31: Russian arms hand and bend them elbows at right angle exhalation lower your knees to the left hands and head remain in place if your knees and down on the floor Put them under the blanket pillow or not allowing the hips hang it above the floor It leads to tension hips back muscles may be under acute angle with respect to the body This will lengthen the muscles
  • 04:01: waist and breathe dissolve into pronounceable sounds inhale and exhale breath and out of breath
  • 04:32: Give the logic center replicated in other side sliding hip and pelvis in the direction to spine was even purses tass try not to cave in waist elongates spine and upper god of the spine including the neck should be straight and long Relax your neck and face Focus on
  • 05:00: slow quiet breathing in this position Hardly ever active work of all It happens by Me and all you it is simply necessary relax and breathe This asana improves circulation in pelvis It calms the nervous system
  • 05:35: at inspiratory come Nicolini's forehead and Occupy palms and knock exhale drop to floor complete complex shavasana Aim Vasanas Life relax after study of body asanas turn to effective respiratory exercise for good night
  • 06:01: a great reception to sweet sleep Breathe quietly through nose accounts for 4 1 2 3 4 hold your breath counting to seven 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 exhale through the mouth with sound on 8 counts
  • 06:30: one two three four five six seven Eight is one breath Inhale and exhale repeats the cycle again and again this breathing exercise you lowers heart rate and calms the mind keep breathing breath long pause
  • 07:05: exhalation Give up all thoughts and Just watching breath watching the movement of the abdomen on inhalation belly expanded on exhalation slightly retracted OK come back to natural
  • 07:30: breathing regularly doing this complex and your sleep will be strong and in the morning you feel courage after good rest Put Like and Subscribe to my PUSH channel Bell not to skip new write in a video comments what else want to see my channel your Katerina Buida coach whether in the form together with
  • 08:00: me