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SMART ECLAIRS for the Holiday! HOW to learn to train them: recipe of custard paste and TWO types of cream.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello to friends New Year rush you please recipe éclairs especially because many of you called for publication of this recipe on our channel are products that you need start with cooking choux pastry send a saucepan diced butter pour milk add salt and sugar and bring weight to boil over medium fire
  • 00:30: as soon as the oil butter, milk starts to boil, you can We brew the dough just add flour rain at constant stirring and then when already the whole meal It is in skillet start brew dough here Now I pour flour kneaded mass is very hard and fast even begins to thicken taken such but lumps intensive we agitation We try these lumps split and brew dough on
  • 01:01: medium heat about during one and a half to two minutes It means at the bottom our in a skillet eventually formed such fine of plenochka test at the point the dough is quite taut and tight, and but then when we Throw eggs she It will have more liquid and it would be so the consistency of which is needed for éclairs and in general through discovery technology brewing test we We were able to feast on any
  • 01:31: types of custard cakes whether eclairs pastries shu or profiteroles here Now after We brewed dough note that at the bottom of a skillet It remained thin plenochka ship to bowl and beater spatula attachment to average speed begin mix This test gradually begins cool and when dough temperature is about 50 degrees can start adding eggs
  • 02:00: if it is safe the temperature at which eggs are already definitely not cooked add eggs not in bulk each time waiting when They are good mix with the general weight and add next game Choux pastry itself in itself quite whimsical someone she always already obtained a first time and someone We have to prepare several times for to feel and understand what should be it right the consistency of the dough does not
  • 02:30: be too liquid but should not be too tight because so dense dough bad will rise very thick at the edges cakes and custard If the dough is too thin it will fade in pancake on a baking sheet and and also very bad rise and succeed sufficient cavity for to dump eclairs cream here's a look Now something like this should drain away from if the dough spatula
  • 03:01: suddenly you will see that you have it too close this go ahead kneading and the process of mixing quietly add warm milk but somewhere ml 10-15 when the milk is good for thwarted again check on consistency if it similar to the one which I It shows you can even if the stop not dense enough very good flock corolla then add another and yet will not achieve the desired density
  • 03:30: dough eclairs principle It can be any nozzle is deposited here in Here I closed star because I will otsazhivayut long Claire checks and want to their surfaces slightly grooved at any attachments I certainly I mean any round nozzle when otsazhivayut eclairs on the mat not We need to press attachment to the very bottom let it be a little bit above the surface as a like standing you carefully is deposited and cake If you do not have such rug is absolutely not
  • 04:00: is a problem as precisely as possible otsadit eclairs on any silicone mat and otsadit either long or round cake shu of your choice and a little later I I usually show otsazhivayut edge cake shu but it's so easy to information because the main theme this movie is cakes eclairs Well on the way silicone mat You can also at certain skill already spent otsazhivayut stripes éclairs same length if you want otsadit round
  • 04:31: cake shu the equipment otsazhivaniya first do the following when on the weight until until we get the desired volume hemisphere then stop We cease to put pressure on piping bag and draw like this then a comma to verhushechku will ostensibly cut off Well when baking a flat smooth surface gives future is now you can bake eclairs baking equipment the following before you start to bake
  • 05:00: eclairs we warm up oven to 260 degrees load and eclairs turn off the oven and We reserve eclairs in so for 15 minutes during this time oven cools to about 170 degrees and in the time we switch oven to 170 degrees eclairs continue baked keeping in oven to 170 degrees about 13 minutes and after this
  • 05:30: time decrease oven temperature to 140 degrees and bake already we have to bake readiness the remaining 12 minutes thus the total baking time It is 30 minutes, but since the oven at all something different under its the oven will have to adapt and perhaps readjust some cycle one and a half to two minutes in smaller or larger aside before my Looking with this baking technology éclairs I eclairs
  • 06:00: did not turn out well or rather obtained through time and this technique It was the most effective way that someone actually Take on arms I strongly advise and now while eclairs cool can first cook This nut cream based on cream basic Barnabas and cream cream recipe custard base cream are on channel and a reference I I leave in the specification and in the tooltip on this roller custard can prepared in advance and store in refrigerator up
  • 06:30: a few days but then it will need to pro interfere with whisk at low speed to it I regained smooth texture and after that add to it whipped cream Mix all either or on a spatula low speed whisk now to make cream for real peanut add to it peanut praline Praline is also can be prepared in home his recipe are on channel and I link
  • 07:00: I leave in the description and The tooltip on this roller, you can do without it but if the ingredient do not be lazy and cook and proline or add purchase you get much more delicious in any case selection as the always yours for éclairs can also prepare more a delicious Whipped cream ganache he also suitable for cupcakes and went on our a separate channel roll a couple of days
  • 07:31: ago it products that you need note that cream is broken 1 into two parties will heated together with 3 Malino I Now I put in a glass and glucose syrup vanilla extract or vanilla sugar Depending on that you have a presence because the number of a little something here these cream with co all supplements I I will be heated and microwave here is the yellow mass of 3 raspberries was also I added him followed
  • 08:00: clear syrup glucose and left add vanilla or vanilla sugar here I add here vanilla extract a similar recipe, too It was published in our channel Only there was came from used milk chocolate and at the time of shooting still It has not been tested honey as part of this prescription as 3 is now replacing raspberries I'm sure you can say yes so replacement is possible Only the cream will little tighter at subsequent churning
  • 08:30: Now almost hot boil cream poured on Chocolate is a white Chocolate that has been in tile and Paloma on pieces on top pour cocoa butter cocoa butter can be love any format here I was Mikre and powder you can take cocoa butter in newspapers or lump that it was previously hacked to small pieces then it all together stir and add cheese cheese temperature cottage cheese in
  • 09:00: This special event It does not matter even better if he be room this mass temperature stir until uniform without state aid blender virtually it is impossible or is It takes too much so after time we have added the second batch of cream carefully mix spatula a short time and then break through immersion blender until uniform state once all the components Stir until uniformity cover food film contact and
  • 09:30: put in refrigerator at least you start three o'clock and it is possible to night at all in this as this mass can be store in refrigerator up several days in accordance with shelf life cream after stabilization refrigerator honor it becomes a little denser yet It remains liquid Now it is only his whip and fill them eclairs or make hats for cupcakes from of air and gentle cream with his rich cream vanilla flavor
  • 10:01: which has whipped ganache you ganache know it a mixture of cream and chocolate in different proportions and recipes them there and a huge amount of ganache is too downed generally a separate issue it's just the fact that we now we prepare ganache always whip at high speed and for éclairs will enough to shake up their to the state average peaks and if you want to and fill it Bring to make hats for cupcakes the need to shake up even
  • 10:31: little more to dense state Only here it is important to time to stop and do not kill the Cream the cream differently that part of it structure will delaminate on butter and then buttermilk cream already not restore and he will lumps become thinner Now this should be ideal cream consistency for cupcakes Well, we turn to filling éclairs cream exists at
  • 11:00: many choices of how to do it and one way filling éclairs and I will show in this video for example walnut cream more detailed video on how filled eclairs cream with all the ladies chips sekretik It has already been published on our channel I leave a reference to description for those who but what is interesting here just run through details you need here this nozzle open star because she has cloves and it is very
  • 11:30: convenient to cut hole Do not press strongly to Claire not break through the cut small hole and We leave the circle in order to subsequently closed them after the opening Clare filling cream has been here hole was Now cut confetti pastry bag will fill eclairs cream here usually round its diameter nozzle less than that of the nozzle that we were doing bore small nozzle
  • 12:00: of 8 millimeters and most Open star was diameter 1 centimeter now just fill careful eclairs and cream close the hole the circle which we stayed after cutting, in principle, it's all we have left beautifully decorate them Lerchik on top of it can be cover or frosting or otsadit shaped nozzle a spring-loaded from any cream stable cream this approach and if
  • 12:30: you use to cooking whipped ganache very quality chocolate you can even use and for those who watching a video before end of another life hacking on you and the clergy you can cook eclairs in advance and after they cool put them in sealed container and freeze extract they can be just as day when you going to their feeding way fill frozen
  • 13:00: eclairs cream even convenient at the same time the very cakes do not lose their taste qualities about this we has a detailed post on our channel in the telegram and he published Telegram chat where we We discuss issues Related confectionery so who did not signed hurry join us but other than that I still I need your advice we are in December we plan to do forum to rally gingerbread topics February 23
  • 13:30: why it is so because by the time the end of the draw and of receipt prize winner already this topic will be very actually will play 10 shapes and if you want to we divide this two prize fund part of that is, we be not one but two the winner of each 5 forms if you are over this idea please vote in the Tips to this roller press Tips icon the upper right corner and Select your option
  • 14:01: answer at the end of your voting in the next issue we will declare a draw one or two winners according to all good mood and until we meet again in air bye bye