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SANTA gingerbreads with moustaches ☆ GINGERSNAP

SANTA gingerbreads with moustaches ☆ GINGERSNAP  See details »

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  • 00:01: good afternoon friends Welcome to my feed you I very requested any Christmas gingerbread and this time I decided they do here in the form of of Santa Claus or Santa Clauses with voluminous mustache on actually made they are very simple but look at my It looks very cute and We as always need gingerbread dough I immediately roll out teflon pads using wood the dough strips It had the same thickness and also I use
  • 00:31: cutting by companies three d cook all necessary and ssylochki to test the recipe and on cutting will description below the video We baked gingerbread mustache will need get it out of the oven a little earlier so that they not burnt and give the stick cool completely then you can to start their ornaments ornaments will use protein or glaze icing recipe also I have on my channel link leave we need thick glaze
  • 01:00: contour white and white icing a liquid for Fill to make glaze perfectly straight I stared white I use just such a whitening paste of food colors it must literally it makes little glaze directly snow-white but also can be used white pigment is, if desired, glaze so alone a fairly nice as we need icing for the body I I use here such also from food dye colors peach and
  • 01:32: glaze for hats Red I use dye americolor color red red is he gives a beautiful Red also eye drawing It needs black gel dye or dark brown and will use a wee bit pearl paint to give detail com radiance and in the first all we need traced all I'm pretty contours rarely use such
  • 02:00: technique mainly I take peace contour fill for this use azure wing border consistency between thick glaze and glaze for filling but this time somehow I I wanted to make exactly circuit drawn They gave him frozen literally 10 minutes and can be filled with details too liquid icing to fill do not need If the frosting is too liquid with it there is quite a many problems in
  • 02:30: First it you can escape for loop if you do it too a lot of spill Secondly it after drying loses its gloss becomes a matte more rough and more lack of liquid the glaze when you pour small it gives details spadina gives the pits if you meet in their products such defects do icing thicker [music]
  • 03:01: One more thing I justify of it very often I tell you but I repeat again and again pour just two neighboring Circuits otherwise they have merge together and It will be clear between they fill the brink items via one let dry and then continue work So the beard itself flooded let a little mustache zavem in Granddaddy
  • 03:30: our best barbershop ah country and send dry for to glaze I turned over gloss over brilliant and order to accelerate and the drying process can be and send it in the oven at 50 degrees can turn on I too convection a long time do not need to dry just a few minutes to the top she grabbed otherwise the crust stick dries together with frosting will you have a direct very very small stone but certainly the icing
  • 04:02: It can be dried and just at room temperature leaving cakes on the table is It takes a little bit more time and at such drying method glaze still loses shine and gloss your becomes more matte but in principle it is also not critical Nose I have not done circuit because bodily glaze in I have a fairly thick if you glaze the liquid will not loop it just still flow away like
  • 04:30: a few words to say about red dye and This kind of color as if say it a little bit dangerous when you dye them Glaze it is not get straight full of bright red It turns out more coral and you certainly want add more and more red to to get more a saturated Christmas Flowers but the fact is that red glaze with dry slightly darker it gets this one here rich red shade and if you
  • 05:01: add dye too much of it after drying it at you get ugly dirty Red therefore not to overdo be dye careful so fill all the way Circuits and give Now carrot completely dry When icing is good it can be dried up I slightly ottonirovat I will use here a dry dye This pollen
  • 05:31: the color of my raspberries If you do not have pollen you can use gel dye pink or red color but apply it almost dry brush and if is too strongly slightly feathered clean with a damp brush and pollen also recruited brush very, very little because she is very I pigmented I want to give a little bit blush my Granddaddy
  • 06:00: so slightly brown the nose and cheek to try on mustache place and outlines where we will cheeks
  • 06:33: using thick white glaze fasten mustache that's what I turned a 3d santa and the volume now there are
  • 07:00: draw the some Circuits for small Optionally, you can lightly protonated cap add to it snowflakes priporoshit add snow little pearl or sparkles already absolutely your wish
  • 07:45: So
  • 08:28: eyes initially We envisage small
  • 08:31: points and then have draws fine brush add via thick eyebrows glaze and we are ready very often the way you ask how stored cookies they kept very long months certainly with time, but not dry
  • 09:01: spoil store them We need tight packed their example into individual bags here that I was able to I hope that eventually results you like you necessarily make such as gingerbread or Treat on their holiday family and friends but I as always I wish you good luck is not the kitchen fear experiment see you soon