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Izbavsya from a hump on a back (2 week course for 5 min.)  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi all me name is Sasha and today I I show you how get rid of the hump on the back usually such humps there are people that many work sitting or little attention sports Today we take a look most simple exercises that can perform absolutely everyone from the smallest until the age the elderly exercise you It takes five minutes you can no longer perform them every day two week you will notice as your hump became much smaller than the first what we should do wide open arms
  • 00:30: align their elbows and be sure straining muscles of the arms the rise in the shoulders to the top we recruit breath down omit exhale proverbial exercise and confident that all of you have it just know no one He draws attention to the the fact that this exercise It is one of best quality to remove hump on the back or discourage him so we are on the rise recruit breath down omit exhale blade clamped at lowering the shoulders down once again breath down exhale hands aligned elbows lowered
  • 01:00: palm down such we do 20 times back look please like work it from the back We rise slightly Xia rounded down and the blade flexes together repeating them 20 times not Remember to breathe it it is very important when you breathe your muscles to give you more results Large, folding respectively back result will paddle faster and will be back more beautiful following exercise that we will comply with this
  • 01:30: disclose hands wide apart stretch the fingers must be strong compressed into cams arms, respectively tense yet again the same principle raising on the shoulders omit the top down shoulders up and down lower back note how running round cell and when we we do rise a shoulder, we slightly like rounded camping and when he let down down the back goes on deflection respectively blade shrink More and falls
  • 02:00: below breathing in the same the rise we recruit breath on lowering exhale make such 15-20 times this you will have enough you feel good how you hurt Here is the collar part of the back respectively here broken salt sediments spine gets the correct form collar zone next we do you have finished Hand scrolling with wide palms and begin hold time
  • 02:30: maximum credit arms wide in different hand feel how to stretch lower chest muscles your shoulder blades down a position we is not suitable, we drop the shoulders down squeeze the shoulder blades wide handles divorces and springs points make such exercise on throughout minute look like work your shoulders behind blades all the time stay with compressed instead springy respectively worked the
  • 03:01: shame where the department obrazovyvajutsja proud make on During moments like when you breathe bounce and pace at but you quickly in spite of this try to breathe slow we gain a deep inhale through the nose and smooth exhalation through respectively, in the mouth I get somewhere in the 5 wiggle one breath and another five swinging one exhale you can get a little less try stretch than longer than the exhalation best for you and
  • 03:30: the last exercise we fulfill our complex discs this box if you have bad knees usually people that appear Horizontal respectively at They are not very healthy ruts stay on kolenochki very particularly difficult for older we to show you cat that all performed standing what we need a little sit on kolenochki slightly uncover feet wide Here I show Shirokov tilt legs hands down not much exert pressure on the knees slightly little beauty
  • 04:00: has put pen and see how it will work your back we round camping high above the shoulders We try to keep each other because if you freeze gu cold and flexes upward as if on the back hanging heavy load and we must maximum bend the waist chest is pulled upward tailbone reaches the top and loin leaves down again you Xia rounded upward tummy tightens
  • 04:30: like one for the prevention slimming belly and again flexes rounded and forward cave very good Exercise is usually recommend to all masseurs for to your spine acquired the correct form I became more flexible, probably you notice if you long sit move your little spine It ceases to be flexible you find it difficult to do rounding troughs thorax respectively here this exercise you
  • 05:00: It helps make your flexible spine try to make such is also 15-20 times initially can not but will with time all will we need just be rounded pull center spine upward and bend pulled chest forward as far as possible so we are here, we breathe recruit inhale Trough inhale rounding exhale back stretches again inhale through the nose
  • 05:32: exhale through the mouth write necessarily exhale through the mouth is important when you breathe through the mouth of your muscles relax respectively muscles result is given more on this all your complex takes exactly five minutes before the ambulances yet it