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  • 00:03: hatred dogs dog there are tiny mini Doggie which is and handbags secular young ladies and there are real giants in their size and small yielding small dogs horses giants before the beginning of the video I want get your opinion do you think it is photo fakes or not write in comments below the video and we Jonas and start 10 abnormally huge dogs
  • 00:30: [music] Discover it Hulk is the largest pit bull in the world, he slay you with his charm of the spot despite various stereotypes and prejudice as well as its menacing look fped more is very friendly living creatures proof of this a big dog with a huge heart for named Hulk is not in vain it
  • 01:01: the so called agree damn it fits this name because anyway and Hulk the largest pit bull the world's four paws mind record-not even knocked even two years and he already weighs point seventy nine kilograms are not give it the appearance of be fooled Marlon dog owners Lisa professional dog breeders breeders why pit bulls Hulk incredibly obedient and disciplined He knows his place and willing to sacrifice
  • 01:30: own life to come to help owners in difficult times to is this giant in very playful and friendly you can not resist its charm Is not he a cutie I would like to imagine this Write in the comments by video [music] and i came Zorb and called dwelt UK dog indicated in the book Guinness World Records as the the biggest dog
  • 02:00: in the world in November 1989, when Zorba stood on the scales their hand is the most smallness not reached one hundred and fifty six kilogram the height of this rare breed English Mastiff vymahal also perfectly 94 centimeters in one Zorb lived on the globe and St. Bernard TBN addict dressed and almost 140 kilograms way namely St. Bernards and mastiffs are recognized largest dog breeds
  • 02:31: not by weight but by growth they are still superior and Danish dogs Irish wolfhounds also taking into consideration giants in the dog world [music] Dock named Zeus a three-year German Great Dane named Zeus Michigan was satsang It noted in the new book of records Guinness in 2013 as the most big dog of ever registered its height is
  • 03:01: From 111.8 feet to the withers Great Dane and It reaches 2 and 2 meters height standing on his rear giant dog from Michigan United states eat up to 14 kg bag food every day and It weighs 70 kilograms in this photo Zeus stands above other dog owners adult sheepdog comparing sizes you can imagine how it is huge He is sitting next to the heart mistress in their the dining room is the most
  • 03:31: big dog in the world 2013 exceeds the amount of any their masters and here is how huge dog resting and lying on the couch host waits his dog decides return to home Zeus may easily reach kitchen faucet to drink of water Newfoundland popular giant breed dogs from north-east coast of Canada initially they used in as working
  • 04:00: dog for fishermen thanks webbed paws mind water-repellent wool and congenital abilities swimming Newfoundlands are remarkable they rescuers and usually weigh 60 and 70 kilogram some representatives of the breed as you know have more than 90 weight kilograms the biggest Newfoundland record weighed 120 they kilogram known for their giant huge dimensions strength and extremely affectionate nature In addition, they
  • 04:31: have a high intellect and capacity accept independent solutions with regard to the huge force it is not exaggeration itself strong dog in proportion to own weight is an Newfoundland on named Barbara and Lance weighing 40 kilograms 4 which dragged 2289 kilograms of concrete surface [music] Irish Wolfhound one of the highest
  • 05:00: dogs in the world Irish Wolfhound It has a long full the greatness of history Celts used they rather their ancestors Celtic barzakh for hunting outstanding size and strength and Irish speed wolfhounds put mass start revealing injury of wild animals with their help you do it and led to stock reduction rocks up to a critical mark By the early 19th century the breed almost disappeared and only through enthusiast by the name of
  • 05:31: Richardson, who He toured the island British crown far and wide in diligent search female Irish wolfhound today we we can buy these curly muscular dogs leonberger is Beautiful breed is not will impress no one bred breed distant 1840 Germany breeder I wanted to bring dogs to be similar
  • 06:00: a lion as a result I had to cross longhair St. Bernard and Newfoundland It came out very strong and powerful dog weight from 60 to 70 kilograms Dogs of this breed It is characterized by its mobility combined with steadiness by the way often Leonberger t work rescuers in water very gentle nature and goodwill obedience causes which many people just love to breed Leonberger He loves his family and loves children
  • 06:31: playing with them and dutifully responds to every word of the owner but at the same time good-natured dog has severe and guard qualities and abilities Caucasian Shepherd Dog very big Shepherd as Caucasian breed it is old breed dogs and her more than 3,000 years it has been deduced in the Caucasus, for which got its the name of their growth usually from 70
  • 07:00: cm at the withers weight they usually are about 70 kilograms they were withdrawn especially for the protection of the flock that's why dogs are very tight undercoat and thick and long wool through it a dog can be very short be on time frost usually they merged with a herd of sheep that guards thanks to distance is resemblance to lamb and so guarding the flock from attacks by looters or wolves in this
  • 07:30: rock and laid well-developed guard and fighting qualities Stamina courage strength [music] Anatolian Shepherd Dog brave shepherd born from Turkey featuring lightning reaction and vigilance he but very mistrustful balanced character is a big breed weighs up to 68 kilogram and their growth
  • 08:01: seventy nine centimeters although most of them describe how Herding dogs Actually it watch dogs protecting the flock from jackals and wolves and even bear [music] Tibetan Mastiff a very ancient breed dogs and the first written mention of them dated thousand is BC it is a working breed Dogs bred in
  • 08:31: Tibet for grazing and protect home pets considered one of the most expensive dog in the world adult weight Tibetan mastiff It is from 45 to seventy-two kilo and the growth 60 7 to 70 centimeters is Freddie biggest dog in the world Great Dane named Freddie loves chicken meat and peanut oil but also bury away sofa
  • 09:00: on his conscience their some four He lives with his dog mistress of a Danish mastiff Guinness record holder, he all this ninety two kilograms of holding this dog together with the hostess his sister and a year they spend more and 18 thousands of dollars this dog height of 2 to 28 meters when he gets in hind legs One look at it is sufficient to I understand it's just huge beast owners Freddie Claire and her sister fleur
  • 09:30: completely loyal this unique creation he set Guinness record is the biggest dog in the world such love for pet Claire's case meant that time his own personal life and in this 40 years Ladies and virtually was she still there one debt if not inscribed in the book records not also require attention and care and this in I was with you all zombies until Chaz
  • 10:00: [laugh] [music] [laugh] [music]