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  • 00:01: Hello everyone, and it is project with other specialties you I alexander I invite friends together with me cook a wonderful salad jack capercaillie I like it very much and before we start two important moment Well as usual in First, do not forget about the contest he the full swing there have members some have already spread on more recipes I leave a link in Description here down the aisle and Participate and second let's let Meet us very
  • 00:31: like it visit us at Channel Home tab page community will together preparing for new year everyone we begin need Start here chicken boiled, I took two legs rubbed son here 150 grams of mayonnaise 3 bus card is already brushed bulb also been cleaned 3 boiled eggs two carrots beam Small green at
  • 01:01: I dill and green salad onions cut into thin strips carrots grate on terochke to Korean but potatoes friends better to cut all yet if it is to rub it will tonkovat and will burn right now show here such pieces she has already
  • 01:30: face and will own the now all turns fry up golden hook to start in the same pan passiruem carrots potatoes well wash in cold water and spread on towel that pat dry Polotenchik to accelerate the process potatoes small portions fry up
  • 02:00: free status but for the decoration potatoes fries us needed and thinner Now its something we Korean grater and our 3 is detachable from the meat bones and parse for fibers eggs zheltochki Let us remove in storonochku volume nighttime like this today Now rub on terochke here and so should have we would get a now all our
  • 02:33: components that we prepared that cool down carefully collect we will be mixed I send a piece of cheese because of the I leave for another decoration such onion and went potatoes I fill all mayonnaise and gently
  • 03:02: I will carefully stir Friend They were on hand the last thing we you have prepared egg white too Court right now even neater mix I tried to kid because I little salt is not grabs again mix I laid out on a plate leaves itself there wash them well and Polotenchik of dried so now here I
  • 03:30: cup lightly-lightly while ramming and Now I try gently is all hop and put the matter We will form a you nest right here such a present Nest with capercaillie sprigs of fresh spectacles morkovochki wow what beauty is now to make amends for all finishing touches cute cute and
  • 04:00: We try to cut dill add to them dill finely chopped mayonnaise broad and all is well mix well here, if desired, You can also add garlic and black Pepper is now beautifully decorate thin french fries I have it too, I'm cool part already eaten very do love delicious
  • 04:31: Here's the salad here these preparations is Something magical it is something very nice here and so Nest we as you get It looks so real jack capercaillie Now zaymomsya eggs here such here small at to small to One bite and not to have been send in our nest straight half a spoon take and form
  • 05:00: We were trying to well, as a possible like eggs Capercaillie on small capercaillie eggs here is a a wonderful salad at We had a friend happy to be with you Share it very I hope you like take to her kopilochku if you have already prepared write some subtleties and nuances that have you a Happy Bon Appetit all good so far with you were Alexander and
  • 05:30: another kitchen [music]