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Chicken roll with Cheese - Meat chicken Dishes the recipe how to prepare the second in house it is tasty  See details »

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  • 00:01: hello today we will prepare chicken rolls stuffed with cheese for that we You need chicken breast amount if one piece small breast you can take two with their number 100 grams of bread crackers salt and pepper and frying rolls dye and oil breast, cut into it means portions bits we receive small
  • 00:36: here such here razmerchik of mode race
  • 01:12: sliced ​​cheese small slices then they are also shred such square pants we do wedges cheese we obtained small here such here 4 centimeters in length and somewhere half a centimeter
  • 01:33: slightly more than the width
  • 02:10: Kurin then sand his bread breadcrumbs This is our turned out let following
  • 02:35: rolls they can be of different widths they are different from the length this how else would appealing It becomes like this way we cook rolls are very well fixed because the meat soft stuck clingy and they are not unfold to their q1 and pan only wish
  • 03:01: breasts to me we turned 16 then rolls Now we come to the theft elites Put the hot oil and fry first with one sides
  • 03:37: but you are
  • 04:19: and you can come across Awards for jailbird can be on our dinner
  • 04:34: species can be ready feeding with any garnish We serve them with sleeved pleasant your appetite