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Roast chicken the Recipe with sauce That how to prepare vtor of a dish from chicken for house lunch quickly tasty  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today we will prepare chicken at home with home pickup sauce for this we You need chicken it can be different parts 50 grams of butter chive oil salt and pepper to taste the pan with thick bottom sure we put butter akvamast we melted salt and pepper
  • 00:31: walks background our oil melt and we put chicken
  • 01:16: and we poseredinke put a clove of garlic hen we fry over low the fire to keep it I burn the whole theft for when it should
  • 01:31: be sure to thick bottom while our chicken fried you quickly prepare a table for bayonets muscles means dried herbs we add garlic then add the tomato capes somewhere spoon three table then we
  • 02:01: add mayonnaise provencal too the same amounts carefully all mix Ambassador someone must stand for five minutes Get the scoop row relent and you need will submit a number of
  • 02:32: with chicken as the All our sauce is ready we put on dish and wait preparation Our chicken hen browned with me hand now we turn over to another school
  • 03:08: also continue fry over low fire aroma from death of her you very much and we will expected by we piercing check on willingness to wear wigs if you have a go a transparent top hence our hen
  • 03:31: if it is cooked blood means not We require an article our chicken ready its date I had rented our chicken and bekapny Sauce prepared pleasant appetite