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WORLDS BEST Russian Kashtan CIWS Better than US NAVY Phalanx CIWS

WORLDS BEST Russian Kashtan CIWS Better than US NAVY Phalanx CIWS  See details »

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  • 00:06: Prakash down system the key mission of the Cashtown close-range weapon system is the defense of ships and critical stationary facilities within the range of 8,000 meters against high-precision intership missiles and bombs nape of the earth aircraft and helicopters as well as engagement of sea based pinpoint
  • 00:30: targets the curstyn system can be mounted on different ships varying from missile belts with a displacement of over 500 tons to heavy class combat vessels the storage and reloading system is designed to store the missile supplying the launching containers to lift them up to the fire modules and lower into the storage compartment the command module is intended for
  • 01:00: outputting the target acquisition distribution and designation data to the firing modules the high combat efficiency of the module is based on the use of an integrated fire control system and simultaneously processed target and missile tracking channels in radan TV optical mouths the fire module operates automatically in target designation data reception target tracking firing data outputs and firing modes using both
  • 01:30: missile and gun weapon systems but if our module of the system combines the missile and gun weapons as follows two-stage solid propellant guided anti-aircraft missiles equipped with a pre fragmented drum type warhead and a proximity target sensor between 30 millimeter a 1/8 k6 battle automatic gun system these formidable combination provides a reliable air defense for any facility even if just one fire module is
  • 02:02: employed however up to 6 firing modules can be integrated the systems operating signals from target acquisition to target engagement is fully automatic the system can be supplied to end users in different delivery sets