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Cake New Year's. Very Budgetary Option, but Madly Tasty! |New Year Cake  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Good day dear my audience and
  • 00:30: subscribers today He will prepare a cake, I'll call him to new year very economical option are meant cakes most importantly cream how you work which will be a fantasy products I used oil with condensed milk coffee can swept away any cream but they are very Garges cheap from almost nothing but beautiful
  • 01:00: obtained chocolate scented chocolate cakes so let's Cook for cooking You need flour half cup of cocoa four and a half tablespoons 3 teaspoons baking powder tablespoons sugar 1 cup warm milk and a half
  • 01:30: cup vanilla add salt and sugar do not forget a little bit proceed to dough mix all dry ingredients sugar flour about the family all together cocoa baking powder flour pinch of salt warmed milk from I had to refrigerator warm it is necessary that it was pouring milk
  • 02:01: and all fork agitated whisk nothing he mix up uniform test status Pass through a sieve such lumps blender whipping not recommended that all let through to different happened I prepared a form split 20
  • 02:31: centimeters carpeted greased parchment mandarin Put the dough [music] send it in the oven 30-40 minutes we will check wooden stick 180 degrees in my gas 200 degrees blank cake ready to bake 40 minutes checking
  • 03:00: readiness wooden skewer it is necessary to cool the cake align yes because you see one god above the other below but contrived stove as I wanted become baked Now look here after all, a porous good cake and I make cream butter
  • 03:30: English soft beat until fluffy whipped butter and will be lit up and shoot down on it already puke too condensed milk 200 grams to see not very liquid cream came out here is you do not I get the cream I'm in the coffee liqueur glass I forgot to say tea coffee spoon soluble spread
  • 04:00: some hot water and spit cream coffee blue can of pour the tint how much I have q6 I cooked syrup 50 ml of water 2 tablespoons sugar boil cool Now add that You have any brandy Do I have guilt spoon about matchevuju
  • 04:30: Now the band is leather butter Put the cream He posted the second part top drenched and the top and bottom and [music]
  • 05:03: I cover the entire cake and cream side side right now, I dusting crumbs taking cautious spoon daughter sprinkle then at the edges I the bottom will save files 30 cream is left a lot of head is such a twisted star
  • 05:34: [music] a decoration here I sprinkled chocolate It left a little cake ready both managed decorated Well, let it cool and soaked cake We make the cut for the Skill little cake
  • 06:07: But on the cut cake a cake in the cut turned out well, Now the most pleasant minute try the cake is very delicious cakes such gentle soft not
  • 06:32: dry and wet I never think that almost nothing ispechon this cake so that use this recipe and New Year Treat their loved ones We will have a lot of different products buy a cake such a need cook fast easy and just wish to prepare a you look at my cake
  • 07:00: thank you video We watched this video visit my channel sign up click on bell near the word subscribe to channel and will receive information about release of new video All the best, and to new appointments