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How to calculate the size of an oval bottom (Weaving from newspapers)  See details »

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  • 00:00: my dear friends all the greatest hello I am Lada outside rains began but I think that this noise will be interfere too much but the topic of today's video is oval bottom or rather, this calculation oval bottom we will with you calculate what the size of the workpiece do by one or other form for evenly and braiding it and it turned out very beautiful and oval one method this dumb I use the method
  • 00:30: Tischenko a little bit of it simplified it all to you I will show that if you this topic interesting then I I invite you to viewing generally speaking about the right aval this is in his calculations and weaving is nothing complex it and applies to large oval shapes small in particular by the way I want you show recent the order is intertwined basket for pupae here is such I pray to and that the most interesting means she it turned out to be oval form as it should be and
  • 01:00: here I am an oval one case by principle weaving of the round bottom that is, I started apex of rounded bottom new ones i places the ranks plaid tightly are dense to one another and in these places I started their distance and each friend that is everyone row from previous i deleted and turned out here are such small the distances between them which formed oval bottom but such method is suitable for more small crafts that is it
  • 01:30: for example here such baskets with a palm or is it oval small casket method very suitable but for large oval forms this the method does not fit so here it is necessary of course produce necessary calculations that we are now and we make in the calculations oval bottom we should understand the next thing lengths of what width we need to do workpiece so that when its uniform weave and we succeeded accordance with our form and so in order
  • 02:01: to produce the calculations we need remove the necessary Measure for this we take our formula on the very you can immediately do the preparation and to weave an oval bottom then already under it adjust form is oval but most cases do it a little bit more difficult therefore I I take the most simple option is when already there is an oval shape and for which we want weave a basket and thereby we customized to it our workpiece and so for this we need
  • 02:31: remove the necessary Measure with our oval shape we should measure the length our oval and width I measure from one end point to another extreme point so the length of my oval it turns out 13 centimeters and here I write down and so I have form length 13 I will not be centimeters write what centimeters this and so it is clear and now we need to produce 2
  • 03:00: calculating counting it width of our oval that is seven centimeters and here I am I will write down width of oval width shape of the oval 7 centimeters and now We need to decide issue with harvesting and so that's our billet it initial stage blanks means me just intertwined Tubules of 2 and it turned out here such is the shape it seems to be
  • 03:30: rectangular but it should be less your oval forms Here that is itself on yes, that is not reach the edges and here it is not reach that we understood in what the side we need move ie before take a little over length this piece then already uniform braiding to be produced and so for do this counting means width, I think that I will not do it again
  • 04:00: thicken therefore width I am now I measure it in my two and a half centimeters in width May the workpiece and most likely I am such leave then blank width y I will be two with half a centimeter and now we need decide how much should be billet in length that is how many to us still put here straws for this now
  • 04:31: counted on calculator I will repeat that I am a method slightly simplified so intermediate calculations, I just do not I will show because to us they are in principle is not needed I show the most basic and so to us you need to know the length blanks for this we do this 7-2,5 we get 4,5 sm it turns out four seconds half a centimeter and further we are from 13
  • 05:01: that is, from the length of our forms of 13 we do this 13-4,5 sm centimeter learned from us it turns out 8,5 centimeters and this and there is our length blanks that is, We must be 8 and a half long centimeters here that which we seek had to find and now we are verified
  • 05:31: that is, I measure that workpiece length which turned out to be I'm four I understand the centimeter what more in length to me need to build tubes so that it turned out eight seconds half that is still four and a half I should centimeter add so well respectively this is very easy since I have there is already ready billet yes that is it should be easy and I'm here with this side
  • 06:00: I add stoeches until he does not will get that number which we considered that is, eight seconds half centimeters here I am with this side well, and I think that from this side I I will add I pre-tube dampened because they have a little bit of me dried and steel is not very elastic so Well, here it is. between the double tubes necessarily leave distance because all the same to you them You need to fly with
  • 06:30: the first row is already two tubes here so that they do not grouped into very not very convenient position and so I have now made blank I once again I measure it look at me 7 centimeters still one and half centimeter I need to add it will already be visible the last ones here and I let's get this hand and add
  • 07:00: thereby when our zagotovochku will be those sizes that we do not need will you be soared and worry about evenly you we will weave this billet or will not evenly everything will be evenly in this situation, us that three rows with this side will be that three rows with this and will oval well, I'm so roughly speaking can to be there not three kinds it will be in accordance with your form well here look at us clearly it turned out eight seconds
  • 07:31: half centimeters to something then gleams here eight and a half centimeters and me put on this. in calculations accordingly and already I start to braid my oval bottom on the same principle covered her with this one a box I then her I'll show you what is this? turned out for design here on the same I'm on the principle oval and that's it oval 1 is obtained
  • 08:01: everything is very good apple lurks and in general no problems I'm way too, that's for this form but also The next video will be respectively weaving itself oval basket we we will fly this billet Oval Walls baskets of the form bend to do so then so on is as always detailed Master Class braiding oval baskets so if you this video interesting and you do not want to skip it it is imperative subscribe to channel and click on the next bell you will most watch my new videos
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