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  • 00:01: Good day my I'm good today I try to be limit you useful and want to tell you how I'm looking in Internet circuit patterns model, in general, all that if I need Of course you do not I know back in the google then I show google chrome or Yandex hammering patterns needles the most popular request to open pictures and that we It did mean in mozile at the opera, I think
  • 00:30: about the same but these browsers I do not use means there is Well in three ways First here is all of these pictures you know if the right click and Open an image in new window Here's the link to the first course likely you will transfer there somewhere scheme is I'm talking about cases when you have a picture somewhere in the Internet, or general computer but without the scheme's what do therefore before all increased click picture Right-click and Now we need to
  • 01:01: Here's a line I have in English but the fact that the field google search by image feet on google image somehow you will All google four in each of its lo select Press this option please page with a suitable image unspecified number of links a certain number Here's how pages says the girl or long but free or quickly but for money here and so
  • 01:30: We go and look at every page best In my opinion it is a network or here in Rome online this respect because she structured as site and well, somehow it always a lot of information it full and if there is already this pattern is most likely it is with scheme because So he is now second see and these are the words cherished scheme
  • 02:00: and please click well understood because such But in such a network pinterest I said that each his benefits and so pin I love the Internet the idea Of course here is immediately see a picture the scheme saved but also in the network It could be an image it is the principle of the have rather let ru also on the basis of this same network running alone Pictures are saved and Of course the picture
  • 02:31: it is difficult to look for because the page long you go on it go down is not clear no end and no edge, and and you can even picture find that so interested that's better than before Now looking at the lyre the second method here see fotoapparatik Here on it to download file for example me prepared load up the computer then you you need to find and accurately
  • 03:01: see also page with a suitable pictures you It is already directly or the scheme it is in this case I said that pinterest together with the scheme dance Protection Lenca something to make a sound but and let e.g. rub growth and schemes but there is need to look go ahead and see here where there Whether it's online open there are more the probability that there will be with the scheme because Here the principle of
  • 03:30: nets so he can see pinterest and paste it ru just a picture and then under them or go to see details or that well, that in this way that suggests the original here there already on the links will complete information is not itself and the Costello the tour even longer the other or the pin interest Here, too, here at a lyre go go we are not there where the necessary
  • 04:00: find and third a way, too, for this fotoapparatik only indicates a link here I please prepared link Again, the picture somewhere in the Internet but next to it is not there scheme we take here you see Levi Our online here we take a copy Share this wallpaper paste it I just and set the course them so well, I for any Pictures show here eg
  • 04:31: part of the second let here and so here it is copy address Pictures here and here Again I enter as a link that is it the third method of link is now waiting here you are page and all go you open a whole the book will find girls they are only the pattern that the scheme Here, for example, and then
  • 05:00: go to please here one book you open and But the second is entirely You open the book entirely further that there we have here is another shorter girls only fingers would not hurt everything you want all You can find more here one course likewise magazines model I will not model shows It is the same take this model here
  • 05:30: Now copy it link to copy and please look at link here please see work obscure edge or uploaded to computers for Here's an example image Japanese openwork exactly also looking at picture if it is on the Internet
  • 06:02: growing luxury Japanese patterns much It is necessary to rush up Now please all book you what here it is now open we will see see how big man tried Imagine it all scan in Internet download at 260 please patterns
  • 06:31: cheap and cheerful but Time should be spent and how to find it Yandex's all I'm Copy link to this picture means necessary google browser hammer how to find a picture in Yandex and important this is now open service page Support Yandex ru and boy en pictures Here the first page support services Here you describe two ways rather three get one here
  • 07:02: 2 via the link File upload and third means for picture that is Right-click drive context menu if you Yandex it most likely you have here so here you kind of you opened pictures and look fotoapparatik search the picture just We are here incorporated by reference and please forward We are looking on the proposed links or
  • 07:30: upload images also select the file and upload a picture and just as forward few seconds and We look at each link that Index offers a But on second second on from the context menu I was not here very happens because I really all nevertheless google places and even if I mean patterns spokes patterns Now open spokes
  • 08:02: any pattern then I do not care google offers children to look at because it I work the browser is in you most likely it will index all my expensive look that you necessary if it is not clear ask in comments and come again