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As it is correct to hang up curtains on a curtain tape  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day dear I have friends today tell you how well hung curtains on curtain tape despite the fact that it early curtain tape it is the most common option for tailoring curtains so you You will be able to sew Curtain tape like independently or Buy ready-made curtains on the curtain tape Still do not know everything how to hang these curtains today I have tell you how hang them correctly
  • 00:30: and so that's in front of us ready-made curtains on curtain tapes what we do in the first queue First of all we We find our edge curtain tapes and processed and check or tied thread on the curtain tape in uzelochek here in this should not be tied If you do not necessarily thread We need to engage different
  • 01:01: when you awake a tie with on the other hand you there may be a break through the holes and fly to all Curtain tapes so must be checked or if they have not tied the tying in here such uzelochek edge strands of what we do in Secondly then if You are not blind designed to
  • 01:30: to her close it at any You tulle we contractible yarn and Curtain tapes to to form an assembly that have we not take contractible thread and tightens collecting assembly we do it on the the distance is we need it is on the length of the cornice if tulle if
  • 02:01: decorative curtain then we contract it about 50 to 80 centimeters if it you blind that will open to to close premises from sunlight is often such curtains do not shrink ie Curtain tape them It remains retracted state so I Now that the curtain you need to pull on
  • 02:31: 80 centimeters so I gather it tight enough that is almost I have it completely It is tightened
  • 03:06: as in the days of the assembly enough we pulled the tape now we are tying knot in the yarn so that We did not tape straightened so we take a wrap do here this loop here it is then loop
  • 03:30: is passed to thread and holding Here the loop delaying release the then that's the loop and tighten here we It was such a that is, the loop convenient way fixing it you can easily dissolve ie take care of us easily time grows stronger as Reattach do
  • 04:02: the loop is passed in her thread We are practicing here base and now we tighten remaining long thread to collect in convenient trim motochek that it does not hung so we wind the remaining thread on here's a hand such a lump and tying
  • 04:34: it neatly so he does not have unwound camping We do a loop and it sticks thread tip and tighten here we formed such a neat motochek again to him face was not visible when you hang
  • 05:00: we need to shade it clean inside look like this It does so here sborochku little otodvinem to us it was easier motochek possible shove a thread and the very same tape seamy side ie take pulls one thread put back motochek up ma. then take I delay and the lower thread
  • 05:31: sticks to no SMO. so here we are carefully secured little it down to pull up it could not be seen top here that is it we will be on the seamy side here we will cornice is from here it's not like this is seen way we carefully turned motochek
  • 06:02: then when we They pulled the wrong and recorded we need distribute assembly that is, the assembly must be all over surface drapes uniform see where we lasted tape here we need it bomber to distribute uniformly folds so we promote
  • 07:30: this is how we have spread our sborochku have it We now evenly over the entire surface curtain that is folds are lie evenly trim is gathered it will be all over leaf surface then neatly turn to the next step now we need to to put itself on the hooks curtains and so now we vdevaem hooks in our
  • 08:01: Curtain tapes We here are hooks very good ie closing when you hang them curtain onto the ledge you subsides and so hang please hook note that the hook we hang on the loop Curtain tapes so she we have many here confused and stick hooks for thread
  • 08:30: Curtain tape is wrong because when you hang and stretch yarn your curtains sag so look for They have loops on each curtain tape any curtain belt loops are one after another that is put on the hook tape can absolutely anywhere in anywhere curtain tape and so swoop loop and fastens our kryuchochek in which
  • 09:00: distance needed attach the hooks on curtain tapes usually in the standard complete cornice go hooks consumption for every 10 centimeters cornice one hook but I advise if there able to buy more hooks and put them on tape often because thus up your curtains will keep better and look smoother
  • 09:30: I usually attach hooks every 5-7 centimeters so way we will hang up hang smoothly and Now gently knead the curtain on our eaves
  • 10:01: Make it pretty simply by contemporary structure where the cornice hooks inserted very easy and also easy to slide on climb itself takes it is not more than a minute to wear medium shade on cornice
  • 10:38: that's all set our curtains hanging on cornice