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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today offer cook roll pork shank with chicken breast and carrot turns very tasty juicy flavor to so as soon as the necessary he is also inexpensive budget to start prepare a decoction unit together with the husk whether we will cut 4 pieces put in a pan I have a pot four and a half add one liter carrots coarsely chopped bay sheet peppercorns set fill with water on fire and simmer on simmer about 30 minutes to the broth
  • 00:31: I was saturated colors while the broth is cooked Shank prepare it I have one kilogram 100 grams of my obsushivayut cut gently bone excess flesh cut away [music] Cover the food foil and lightly Otobaya little meat. truncated meat chicken breast we shall cut into strips chicken breast I a small one
  • 01:00: half 150 grams Surah carrots we shall cut using vegetables cleaning thin records prepared wheel Cooper than solim adding minced garlic good rub hands on top laid plastic carrots chicken and breast meat from shank a little pepper and shall salt [music] turn off rolls
  • 01:32: good matte thread until cooked shin During this time the broth Swar remove add vegetables 3 tablespoons salt do not be afraid a lot of salt will not steer excess salt during cooking not take to refill of water necessary and cook since boiling on simmer about three hours
  • 02:00: [music] take out the roll let cool cut off the thread can be already submitted and can be put refrigerator to pour me so more like it cold and he well cut and No decomposition can be used as cold meats have sandwiches are to bring to picnic hope my Rolls recipe shank you like I will look waiting for your Comments and reviews and huskies subscribe to my channel so as not to skip new video They come out every
  • 02:30: day, I wish you Bon Appetit and good mood