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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear friends today I want to share with you Slavic technique healing massage which in Russian tradition to do with with a spoon using special plate that archers defended their wrist to the bowstring upon impact with boom-down is not cut the wrist or using comb that is, with the help of simple improvised household tools you can also use for
  • 00:30: this massage metal spoon a spoon for footwear also fits all massage essence represents a lymphatic drainage that is, means of improving microcirculation Lymph is very good for cutting away wrinkles for example if we We work on your face here these smoothing movement towards above and below the eye apple if we We are working in the area wrinkles on
  • 01:00: the sides of the mouth, you can work using spoon right here literally scoop spoon scraping a little skin more accurately, those of you in whom the skin sensitive to do so it was nice to here you direct feel like you draw it out and take away stress fatigue and those of you who own simplest methods biopower massage can imagine that they clean off disease fatigue negative
  • 01:30: information layer and Just throw it spoon aside are working periosteum We are working zone facial expressions zone around the mouth little chin more if the intention is to work with growth hair we literally to comb themselves with using a spoon and ru handle spoon encourage biologically active points on skull just as well
  • 02:04: It is going to work help say scary barrel of protection wrist or with but then using the comb all clear comb we we influence as we habitually if my goal to work zones where accumulated stress I work with them I I work with
  • 02:30: chewing muscles I work with weights Komi I work with a side neck surface above the shoulders directly here literally 1 curve mushrooms sage staying off all negative information sage crab fatigue Sasha pockmarked and clips injuries, those of you in who increased the pressure inside the skull or just arterial very
  • 03:01: a good idea to you walk from nape of the neck down facilitate outflow venous blood those of you who suffer hypotension reduced pressure you go from bad base of the neck up a wee bit tone up on the contrary his brain one very poor eyesight good straight scratch area under the back of his head and the beginning of the occipital bones you immediately you feel like I went to a nice wave
  • 03:30: to you in the eye continuing to work areas where accumulates voltage very helpful work with foreign shoulder surface try its zone shoulder muscles radiation the same with the other hand shoulder shoulders radial arm thus can be those who give numbness in sensations
  • 04:00: fingers frightened not worth it in a few massage they will on the contrary, we ourselves We treat and outer thigh with one with another side and of course Area under her Achilles we also servant there is for the ladies if you in violation of the problems disrupted lymphatic drainage breast if there are at monthly seal
  • 04:32: chest, or if you a man and you want to increase their pectoral muscles or good work out gym shook the post of diluted with dumbbells can be successful on can be wrung something else that's very good technique This normalization of current from the pectoral muscles and breast is It is not done if you are capturing the fat woman cloth body itself breast she
  • 05:00: It is done from top to the shoulder joint and the sternum shoulder joint man respectively completely safely study itself All this zone enjoy all wondrous sensations range absolutely not hesitating not wishing we press ourselves boob it is for men davim his own tits kneaded but Believe You You find a lot of if you're feeling nothing found selling area under collarbones selling
  • 05:30: here and you You feel that there happiness in life principle is still very a good option to spoon with a comb like cheer up just lose themselves in palms scratch several tens of times immediately You feel what vivacity of life is Please if you I liked this video
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