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  • 00:02: hi I hope you all is well with you Jamie Oliver today We have an excellent frittata frittata is such Italian Omelet it quickly and tasty and I'll show you how his ready So start with eggs I divide the eggs then 6 pieces but one human well enough and three a pinch of salt and pepper it is always good slightly vzobem someone whips strongly someone just a little
  • 00:31: stirs got such small band excellent yolk protein alone Speaking of flavors and omelettes and pizza Risotto can be given What you taste I want to mash peas and green Beans make this the kind of place is or may the best of the bean stop there I not give up a little salt and knead everything I add here yet
  • 01:00: little mint Get a taste of super So you see, I knead peas and lemon zest to the same lemon juice for enhance the flavor devilishly delicious Squeeze even half a lemon We need two tablespoons spoons of good olive oil and Parmesan to take giving such salt density I it suits me at I then shoots asparagus will cut
  • 01:31: I will cut in half a little olive oil in a frying pan sometimes I even add butter but not today fry several park Now seconds eggs its what I do I add to them spoon mixture here and just everything mix look eggs acquire a wonderful green cast me like
  • 02:01: Now pour the eggs and and small portions our pea mixture you about seconds thirty-five yet Frith mouth grab You know so put these bombs eggs already beginning thicken it's a great thing you can come home start and end of the 10 minutes omelet already started prepare formed such thin layers they create a pleasant inner texture
  • 02:31: take a walk around and Now painted feta and a bit of parmesan she will I enjoy I put her up in so turn the oven good color You know you can eat, and he half-baked can just fry the best frittata that I I tried in Italy and I I tried many how they cook We should be put in
  • 03:01: oven and cook until she browned on top as she prepares to I I make a simple little salad green peas arugula green beans I love them in salads you can take a couple of tomatoes if you want Squeeze half a lemon a little salt and olive oil nice simple small salad go over here and if
  • 03:32: look you will see that Frith on the It doubled in size let it'll get you turn off the oven Only this look like this spread enjoy like this my friends and here lovely frittata super fast treat friends hope you like with love about Mr [music]
  • 04:06: and 17 is not ordered Elinor veloce ii glove for thousands after [music] this pentru [music]