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  • 00:00: Hello to you Natalya today He looked at his onion that grows in my window and drew attention to what he told me began to outgrow its We need to, as it were possible pull out and say which break off good green feathers and onion Today I decided to cook lazy patties with onions and egg some tell you of some tricks that I
  • 00:30: I use here my window grows onions in package on the window sill to I was warmly put taxpayers so cloth some it was warm, we to continue for onions grass grows for cats here lookout in package and is growing Kitchen herb that is different salad or as they call here and spices and
  • 01:01: kenzo and drove shorter speaking different well Now start cook here so I I went over washed up Onion put it on napkin that he this little obsoh since eggs have their home, they very fresh and when their very varish difficult to clean They eggshell and here I usually I do so here I broke the 4 eggs and then
  • 01:31: I take some well more or less tightly I have a sex bag price cellophane it's so pour to tie the bag I will put it now I put it turns Now in boiling water I will show you how to do next in the water I can say I boil it like this I put this completely
  • 02:00: bag and do not be afraid if a bag a mene plump it we do not say nothing melts it will not search pretend that is It has been seen that white night sets and then we have not been cleaned You need to be can will immediately get it's right out of the package well well, how would behind the pack divided and easily cut clean it so I so often do me this way enjoy my Now we wait until cooked egg look
  • 02:31: you can even like this will press View yolk I readied there or there but for now we will Now chop the onion Well my bow cut here and so Swar we Egg maybe it does not very beautiful but it looks in method is very easy and easy cleaning there because well as the and to who fresh eggs He knows very hard
  • 03:01: particles so easy pulled out some difference to us whole egg, it is not necessary here package and threw any problems and dishes clean at wash as if nothing Smudged Now can be taken or cut with a knife on get on the board or it is possible that's how I will immediately squeeze through for
  • 03:30: such a masher I think such a thing device have each family in the house Well, we start making our Well called lazy cakes and so take somewhere I took half a liter of yogurt I always curdled I keep well, like home leaving the milk in saddle so she soured in curdled always very good cakes I I think that the difference If there are no such
  • 04:00: yogurt you can plain yogurt plain yogurt ie from home sour milk take a teaspoon or soda, or baking powder I Here soda immediately it starts like that work hiss we will need one egg and that's all little whisk on
  • 04:30: So sizzles It rises begins work with us starts working soda salt to taste you can put a little pepper and now we have put flour flour us now I need a horse
  • 05:00: until you find I can 2 cups until here such here year will see already as from we will get involved our pastry dough can knead enough heavily because if You make the liquid it will be no matter how much will will not climb they are fluffy and will not like cakes so that you did this still consider that this very liquid two more
  • 05:31: glass somewhere probably accurate We will have the main refer to the extent that I somehow try all do eye to the dough was enough so thick and already there is now almost Now I bear it and have flour we will enough something her cakes
  • 06:01: they will be like our such as tip since very lush they will be well with frying climb here It is about thick dough we should Get it now has a little bit, we are all will post that was more less so homogeneous dough less we have here Now handed down eggs a little we prisalivaem to taste
  • 06:30: It can be a little bit pepper and neatly We begin to spread court they cut with such a cube to the sharp and could a knife that's no say or guess that we because he was with the package likewise act prisalivaem little beam also lay here and it all begins
  • 07:00: not neatly strong as if the time and the egg it neatly here knead so much a long time do not have to interfere with just as if stir up homogeneity set pan on the stove pour Well, more or less fine oil's the most important thing to us it is necessary to good we and can be heated up
  • 07:30: say glowed so they immediately on grasped the we are so we have stirred our stuffing and begin I have so much spoon and start it all spread but does not work very I was very lush, very tasty and
  • 08:06: when you first serving well then fried One can e.g. one can pirozhochek will break to taste it on salt as you It fits all and then if there is no salt marriage you can have enough add they are very quick roasted
  • 08:39: that's due to the fact that they on curdled made them very very successful not the most magnificent important need be sure to closely we had a very this is enough thick only if they have get very lush as needed add on diminish need we have gas
  • 09:02: that's already playing as they have you fry here such here but it turned out very Lazy cakes with onion and egg, they were very fragrant and very they can be delicious eat with milk and tea of ​​coffee all pleasant appetite