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  • 00:00: [music] Hello friends, I delighted to welcome you on our channel today this short video I show how we Cucumbers grow on sowing the seeds before harvest harvest to start determined with those which will cucumbers to grow itself and fucking or we pcheloopyljaemogo We grow most popular and burden it is easier and harvest obtained above will be considered
  • 00:30: the example of a hybrid Morinda select the optimum time sowing with the need to so pick them up to 30 days of we had sown opportunity to planting seedlings in priming sowing spend cassette with light we sow in the soil diameter tape cell 4 centimeters if you can sow more large cell size it's even better the seedlings will be able to last longer located in the cassette without picks in glass and produce sown in the drawer, I would not
  • 01:01: advised cucumbers does not tolerate root damage for the transplant after sowing tape watered and placed in a warm place with 25 at 22 degrees at a air temperature seedlings must to appear in 24 days since the advent of germination temperature the air is very it is desirable to reduce 20 to 18 degrees and carry supplementary lighting of seedlings these two important actions needed to to prevent pulling seedlings
  • 01:31: making sure that the plant is not dried up but do not were too wet soil soil moisture It should be moderate and when the young seedlings in the cassette somknetsya leaves and begin to shade each other Wires dive facade glass and we use for seedlings of glasses plastic sleeve width 12 cm height 8-10 centimeters of the volume of soil It is enough for cultivation
  • 02:00: full plants before planting in ground after picking glass and hold feeding complex mineral fertilizer they increased phosphorus to stimulate formation of roots as growth check holding sit alignment of glasses in order to growing up plants do not interfere each other landings the ground conducting phase 5-6 seedling development true leaves if seedlings grown compliance optimal conditions temperature light and
  • 02:30: humidity conditions in such a scenario it should not ie watering must be upright before planting of seedlings in the ground we will carry preventive treatment from pathogens gray rot and downy Mildew is we sometimes allows no further wire processing on fruiting plants, and it is important as the fruiting cucumbers almost continuously and there is no capabilities keep the time standby after treatment if you still
  • 03:01: arose necessity to decontaminate adult plants from pests and diseases it is better to do it biological drugs such as aktofit by taxi bacillus galaxy rice and similar plans cucumber landing scheme that we use 40 centimeters between plants in a row and 90 centimeters aisle bequeath the plant should not be it may negatively affect yield as growth spending glaze
  • 03:30: then when the plants root and slightly grow up tie up they twine trellis if growth created good conditions ie best indicators temperature and soil illumination humidity of plants develop well pelvis and individuals you can not break off remove only a mustache and stepchildren up height 50 70 cm plants Osama pollinated cucumbers in each leaf axils appear ovary
  • 04:00: which later grow into fruit if you brought a lot of it should be carried out feeding the root and leafy also important feeds on sheet micro-elements without carrying out such fertilizing the plant does not pull all the ovary and their partially casts that negatively affect yield feeding conducted as a mineral so and organic fertilizers main the condition is moderation in their conduct
  • 04:30: not more than once a Oct. 14 days excessive introduction both mineral and organic fertilizing extremely undesirable formation Plants carry on As they grow there some good the forming methods 1 zelentsov growing only on the main stem with removal of all Bottom side shoots to the top and subsequent Pinching them point when the plant growth height outgrow tapestry, this method forming
  • 05:00: particularly effective in early spring and autumn cultivation second way form is removal of laterals to plant height 50 centimeters of height 50 centimeters to one meter leaving with stepchildren one with interstitials height of 1 meter is espalier We leave all stepchildren to pinch after 2-3 interstitials Turn off the top plants on trellis wire length to
  • 05:30: neighboring plants and pinch out the tip with incorporated around wire part plants go down stepchild reaches of about 50 centimeters long conducts topping tops stepchildren formed in this manner of plants Cucumber will give zelentsov harvest compiled stepchildren friends in This short video I He told and showed general direction cucumber cultivation from sowing to gathering harvest more detail
  • 06:00: I talked about this and much of its video footage of you before someone interesting yes you can see them on our channel on This, I probably finish your videos thanks to all who I looked through it before end if you do Video liked not forget to Like all good-bye All the best [music]