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This 5-minute Training Will replace Intensive Kardiouprazhneniya  See details »

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  • 00:01: [music] this five-minute training will replace intense cardio exercise, you always We dream of smartness the body but did not know where you begin to think that squats and crunchy it's too complicated and tiring then we We have found for you ideal solution these training fit as a absolute beginners and those who no time for
  • 00:30: many lessons sport these seven simple exercises It takes five minutes per day they suitable for all level of training because they are based on one wonders art fitness lath these are the main helpful Effects that gives This type of physical loads first taut belly 2 strong back third flexible body 4 good posture simply do the bar with us everyday preferably in the morning and only we'll show you how
  • 01:00: get the most fun with this exercise all after 30 days you amazed at how slimmer and attractive become your figure that are you doing in my bathroom and so let We take the first step beauty and health Now it is not necessary even include I Stopwatch for you to consider Exercise Number One full strip lie
  • 01:32: stomach on the floor is now lift your body on straightened arms and toes and keep it horizontally your body must form a direct line from head to heels breathe equally you need to maintain this position just 60 seconds let's try ready to start countdown Strap is one of the best training for the press it not only It strengthens muscles stomach but
  • 02:00: tightens your buttocks and popliteal tendon supports good posture improves balance Well as you it turns out try to keep breathe normally inhale exhale like this [music] here
  • 02:32: [music] [music] well there are only 5 five seconds four three two one fine now for the next Exercise
  • 03:00: Exercise number two plank on elbows again take position lying on his stomach lift your body on elbows and toes legs and keep it horizontally your body needs form a direct line from head to toe and do not forget to breathe uniformly in the it is necessary to pose hold a total of 30 seconds you necessarily will strip
  • 03:30: It is one of basic poses in yoga so you can be sure that it is exercise healthier your body and provide cheerfulness on all day yoga will not deceive [music] 321 you're just super I admiration
  • 04:01: Exercise number three with a raised strip foot take starting position Strap on elbows lift the right leg level to the buttocks or higher breathe normally raise your right leg [music] try to breathe exactly how much your muscles should receive
  • 04:30: oxygen if you hold your blood breath abdominal pressure increase dramatically that lead to harmful effects [music] 321 is now lower right foot on the floor and lift the left leg to a level that's buttocks so keep your foot raised in addition
  • 05:04: pumping the press back chest and neck and shoulder with a raised strip foot strengthens buttocks and back thighs each exercise that we do It is useful for our body and so take a breath [music] inhale exhale two one well I see you
  • 05:34: ready to exercise number four strap on the left side turn to the left side so that the left elbow was strictly under the shoulder make sure that your legs straight Now with lift buttocks Italy Balance yourself on left arm and legs to your body formed diagonal line breathe normally and it will take up
  • 06:00: 30 seconds [music] side bar coached side abdominal muscles and form a thin waist and still is excellent position for strengthening the shoulder and arm like that at all simple truth [music] 5 4 3 2 1 A wonderful
  • 06:33: [music] exercise number five strap on the right side turn to the right so that the right side elbow was just below the shoulder make sure that your legs straight lift the buttocks Italy Balance himself on the right hand and legs so that your body formed diagonal line
  • 07:00: Breathe evenly and again we reckon 30 seconds [music] not keep balance lower the shoulder you doing great a little more [music]
  • 07:33: 3 2 1 therefore remains only two exercises exercise room Repeat six full lath let's make this exercise has just lift the body on straightened arms and toes and keep it horizontally your body must form a direct line from head to
  • 08:00: five breathe normally on This time, a total of 30 seconds you can handle [music] make sure that your palms are directly under shoulders if it is not Caution rearrange them Your body should be feeling hardness yes like that
  • 08:31: [music] you just champion lath It may further 5 seconds to give counting five four three two one just wow and finally the last exercise [music] exercise number seven plank on elbows and [music]
  • 09:00: again take position prone Now lift your body on elbows and toes legs and keep it horizontally your body must form a direct line from head to heels breathe normally you need stay on the position 60 seconds [music]
  • 09:31: [music] but you obtained try not to lift buttocks your body straight fine line 30 seconds passed and you're still full of energy you're just super
  • 10:01: [music] keep still a little bit so in less than 5 seconds, 5 4 3 2 1 you do that you won the bar [music] And now here is your brief daily training plan
  • 10:30: the first full plank one minute of the second plank on elbows 30 seconds into the third with a raised strip foot right foot 30 30 seconds left foot seconds at 4 strap right side 30 seconds 5 Strap on your left side 30 seconds 6 full Strap 30 seconds 7 strap on one elbow last minute and
  • 11:00: advice for today as soon as you you feel that ready to strengthen training try over do not lie on the floor between exercises Instead, keep body in high position wherein changing the alignment of the hands I am sure that you have everything get good luck and to tomorrow you had to doing the bar before share your experiences in the comments And do not forget Like and press subscribe we have for you yet mass of interest
  • 11:30: [music] this [music]