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  • 00:00: [music] well hello friends you again on channel gray TIMs today we have here such a simple structure as promised video 40 composition of water nothing in secret it is not already tried probably thousands tens of thousands people because videos in youtube for a long time already also have many
  • 00:30: Articles on the Internet this and how It proved in practice this compound showed his best sides a lot of different compositions people do it It seemed the most work and how prove he testers no way inferior the original fluid-40 vd I only just can confirm that indeed he It works by bolts
  • 01:00: I am trying to write tests this liquid it given to develop bolts of writing all normally liquid It operates with the second us this liquid the first component White spirit is solvent paints as it is written created for dilution oil and alkyd enamels, varnishes
  • 01:30: overtaken by bitumen and rubber second team we are so petrol called for a lie and It designed to use in fuel system for lighter and catalytic heaters dilution oil bituminous paintwork materials for products before gluing and vulcanization ie
  • 02:01: this is now petrol overshoe just created for organizers and a third component not so It's Complicated this automotive oil I used oil engine is use his car 10-40 semi-synthetics can use any engine oil synthetics semi-synthetics fully synthetic oil crux of the matter is not changes to which oil I need to
  • 02:31: the composition of its gasoline spirit long evaporated ie oil keeps them liquid phase respectively the empty cartridge from the WD-40 I have this balloon altered by reusable here in this way Link alteration this spray I I will give you the bottom look like this can make your hands to pay note container
  • 03:01: I have here a balloon the ball he has written 400 20 milliliters I respectively must the overall total liquid on the forehead is not 420 and mixing us need here such empty containers here a relic of here half a liter of me, I even I will not bathe do it all
  • 03:35: I will do it all He could water them fall I will divide flood White Spirit I advise you to use
  • 04:04: [music] so all the mineral spirits the course followed by the flooded gasoline gumshoe I advise you to use a These compositions are well ventilated indoors otherwise than as a minimum
  • 04:31: headache you provided so petrol poured allegedly testers of composition sufficient five percent
  • 05:01: prepared mixture of these two composition less than five per cent of the oil in I came here about 400 450 milliliters of the same respectively five 25 percent of the missiles milliliters of oil in this jars me 100 milliliters of oil also poured on the eyes
  • 05:33: will be more or is not less than unprincipled there will be more Conversely there 12 percentage the difference It will not affect more will be less composition and evaporate longer works this is further mix
  • 06:06: ah we see oil already mix well foam quickly settles Well, the smell can said that more it smells of gasoline
  • 06:30: just smells gasoline so okay part of this until I close to injection this balloon You do not need a syringe and slippers to reverse spool so I up turning the spool
  • 07:10: so I had to find It has the capacity to it was convenient to type syringe [music]
  • 07:58: Well, that's the way I filled
  • 08:01: already in 200 milliliters This cup have equal to 100 milliliters as well to experiment must enough I spun necessary slide
  • 09:00: Well balloon pumped well check
  • 09:36: So I pumped completely a little liquid received all normally all our experiment is over Well friends all see you soon yet put the huskies subscribe to channel for the automotive theme It is still very much video [music]