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  • 00:00: 307 guests and my subscribers channel today in this video again, I want you show how tied with the edge last video we considered more easy to harness this once we consider too easy but more interesting let's say I scheme video necessarily quite late Video will scheme easy personal scheme no complicated type Here are a couple ryadochkov knit want columns with sc want polustolbikom like what you want vizhit
  • 00:31: and a little before striped pattern this will be with you tie the fucking hook and you need to get started make 3 loops lifting and provyazyvaem two columns with one sc 1 and 2 then we will need to skip 1 2 2 eyelets and the third
  • 01:00: loop knit a column with one knit sc Now 6 air loops 46 in the same loop knit even 1 column with one sc this is what we should get the look So you see here on column here we a couple of turns now we need to
  • 01:31: miss two loops 1 2, and in third loop knit a column with one sc and yet we you need to knit 1 one two three May 4 column should a second call third column knit column one nakida column 4 and 5
  • 02:01: chair we do sc skip 1 2 2 a third petelechki knit a column with one Makes 6 sc stitches 2 3 4 5 6 in the same loop You see this again I knit a column with one sc skip 1 2 2
  • 02:33: and a third petelechki knit with 5 columns one and knit sc second column 3 column 4 column try to endure bars in the same height that they looked more beautiful and neat and was description now we need again skip 2
  • 03:00: petelechki and third tie bar with one and six sc air for 1 three four five six here also knit a column one sc a little bit is not enough five gnuchev scary here We must knit 2 column one
  • 03:30: sc and a column for lifting do 3 air do not one air loop The race is here is the first column knit connection column here and so see knit 3 times
  • 04:01: air loop and here in the arches where we did you 6 rain here here's provyazyvaem columns group knit with 3 column one nakida 1 2 3 Air knit 3 loops in the same arochki provyazyvaem three column with one nakida 2 and 3
  • 04:34: bar do you three more aircraft loops and nutri and now we have been waiting for five columns 1 2 3 4 the third column we do connective column or column without I did nakida column, without sc It may be so and so again as do 3 of air
  • 05:00: a pair of hinges 6 knit loops again three columns with one nakida here here You see this is what we should get here so that's here so go between column honestly We do 3 air hinges and here in the same three arches column one
  • 05:30: nakida do 3 aerial loops and connective column and not just column, without sc 3 a column right here all I show here on the third 12 was in the third departments connect the pipes
  • 06:00: column here here and here 3 again air loop points are accumulated January 2 3 and do the same thing Now that we arches made with three columns one sc 1 of this pull bars rovnenkie beautiful to trim learn to knit at once carefully so used It is not lost, and that's
  • 06:30: nice and tidy still doing 3 column We do 3 air loop and we here these Now here's columns ends that we It turns so now Now here we are doing then connecting three vozdushki Actually, we already vozdushki do not need it the anchoring so let's see what
  • 07:00: well we've got Now there is such a Cossack girls mom not here Oshibochka made and now I quickly it all instead of the correct March 2 knit inattentively let ferried Patrick then three and column 3 vozdushki It must be made killed by the third three vozdushki
  • 07:30: column with 1 sc connective 3 here inside vozdushki column do with one sc in the I wrong Now all elect to understood as beautifully it turns out right now, I quickly siam square so doing 1 2 3 and so let's see
  • 08:04: what we have Spread beautifully but to get here so that's api. spend it, too very light but at the same time to look very very good a perforated storm openwork next time we will look at another more complex mating more beautiful thanks everyone who was with me thanks for that look me visit me in
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