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  • 00:00: welcome channel if you are clever tormented acute pain back and neck there problem with pressures you often wake up and in a dream these exercises what It should be given complex made up of simple yoga poses for beginners after the third training for this scheme you will feel the body was obedient and muscles you will be strengthened stronger and better sleep recover in sleep head dream It will be easier to solve pressing problems any pain is He appeared in
  • 00:30: waist and neck disappear for a post relaxation take cross your legs feel like relaxing and lengthened spine can slightly stretch up leaning on crossed legs on force in this position a couple minutes breathe as much as possible deeper and straighter this will tune on the effective charging and reduce stress level lean forward you sit about him in front of his feet yourself did not slow due to toe
  • 01:01: focusing on stretching during exhalation at this point tendons and leg muscles will field malleable to maximize the stretching repeat so five times child's pose Arise on knees apart to the width shoulders holding hands behind the body Slowly bend forward lower head down completely in a relaxed position to rule 3-4 minutes intermittently Breathe deeply and evenly
  • 01:30: Feel like the back resting twisting Place the right hand left knee Fix the left hand behind the body slowly turning left head rotates together with the body look left Breathe as deeply as possible Slowly return to home position Feel like stretching oblique and lateral muscles the press and the muscles of the thighs Repeat with right foot on care Goddess well, or how I would
  • 02:00: I call it a groove lazy housewives beach back bend knees and unite sole of the foot location Keep your hands on The parties are free Breathe evenly try internal stretch hip muscles and feel it stay there position until comfortable with his feet on the wall lift straight legs and Put it on the wall torso and arms Relax held in This position 3 minute exhaled air full breast after free wind
  • 02:31: a back bend knees my daughter scratch hug her knees and firmly hold their feel like dance hip muscles and back at first it may It is difficult as the Only you will understand your body to do exercise will incredibly nice this pose frees the backbone of load in a minute Rise of pigeons on hands and knees hold on shoulder width transfer the left knee forward I put between your hands
  • 03:01: Bring your right foot back and you are right on horse forward the whole body moves the heart gravity through the left Hold your knee with this position in moment and then Change your leg after awakening only back wide apart hand in hand Squeeze right chest knee then believe me, not all body left back while leaving even stay in this position about three minutes and repeat on the other hand, this posture is very useful all who have often
  • 03:30: back pain in the area coccyx after fish only the back crosses hand under the thigh slowly lift chest up thrown back at the same time head back dashi at the same size slowly lower down after such if re-charging born born out muscle Clips pain disappears caused by fatigue and overwork spine straighten thereby It relaxes the neck and improving circulation chief mosa