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  • 00:00: good afternoon how write here such beautiful motive I will He showed already in previous video Today I'll show you How do I connect between a theme and I connect them the latter referring to the is when I see the last row, and there where I should attach motives and I join them right now I'm going to show scheme in which places I I connect tune each other's
  • 00:35: Journal underlying schema for which I was knitting I Join here Now at the peak of all peaks and here at vozdushki hinged on the air Tatiana mother show will clear the there is We join here
  • 01:00: But in this little corner and it is in these here locations between a time. Compound 2. and 3. and again a little corner and Again knit on the last row here here here here here here here here Here and so on Now I'll show you how I This makes it virtually
  • 01:32: I dissolved the motif who we are knitting the last row So he joined after the penultimate a number of new shoes shine attach to it was it is clear there logic to the top Now we have finished previous row and attached to the next to the ear, we knit simply
  • 02:01: Figure 3 airbag February 1 3 to 5 air bore 4523 were attached 3 4 3 column two sc and 4 column
  • 02:34: with 2 nakida previous video I I showed it all in more slowly and more detail as I I see who needs can watch Now main show me like all the same I I connect these motives so workers other workers I see moments so I quickly reached little corner up here this
  • 03:01: Here's the one that's ears that I now I am here in this the point I am now knit two air loop and start attached 2 Air loop I pre-prepared a place where I will be with attached here and so sitting in our tune you are given a private one series and so here it is He is sitting on that here you need to pay attention so far because my motive
  • 03:30: knit all the time with one hand on circle pattern very clearly expressed front Wrong obverse side it Here is such a rovnenky bars are texturally and a beautiful Wrong ink it beautiful but It looks a bit otherwise it It looks like and is there to collect cloth so that part of the motive is there is a part of inside out by painting will look
  • 04:00: a new kind of ugly go out somehow I casually sloppy or will be here this single harmonious paintings lace so what we do, we Be sure to pay attention when begin attaching motive to motif which side we attach the there we see here we ring here we face and we connect to the wrong side We are putting the wrong side well, who knows what sews from the inside out to us as it is necessary to attach and stroke the radio is correctly
  • 04:30: So back to the So I mix put our purl tightly to wrong side I found here the other nozzle this motif here Bird led the Court hook pulled air loop He pulled a thread is not air loop and dragged her on through our as the air again
  • 05:01: not very convenient to me So here pulled out and dragged more He linked the two air and went on our motive our see on Figure 3 air Attach two air and went the next attachment in here you see three column two
  • 05:30: sc on the other motif that is, I'm here and so I took the hook pulled metochku Clip and He linked the two air and returned to NASA knit motif on So they have 1 attaching went two columns 2 nd and knit sc column two sc 2 3 2 sc and column with two sc 2
  • 06:03: sc and bar with two sc 2 air hinges I insert the hook in here pillow on motive with general web and stretched out his slightly tightens thread 1 to 7 and number of bin I had two back to our motif 2 3 2 1 2, and more
  • 06:38: The following eye but here we have motives interconnected ie have two ears interconnected other motives as now it is actually two method may be administered Now here in this
  • 07:00: the connection between the two ears and can be master's Easy it's just your faster and it seems to me canvas turns the more ductile if there is somewhere something some one tune a little bit weaker little tighter risunochek stex pulled I sat down on the figure it turns over I'm so neat It appears at a that is, I introduced here here the hook in the force thread and pulled 2 and knit together
  • 07:31: I went back 2 vozdushki [music]
  • 08:03: following attachment here there were binding on February 1 our magic the last row 2 went
  • 08:43: attached cat here or here opponents stretched back to the tune of were attached
  • 09:02: one two Three were attached January 2 go join 250 on its motive knit in pattern to Market two sc feeling Victoria throws and
  • 09:31: eastern join the to pull up to the place drying and back here two or three will now be 1 2 2 join here it is our last connection and
  • 10:00: then we just hang out last number of gun pulled 2 and now just choke motive [music] look we Now we get tune fits in our paid I will not
  • 10:31: you show up end as a tie motive for this is It will not be displayed take your time general here and so it turns out beautifully ugly and fishnet smooth loops you bye Bye