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Squids salad the Recipe with caviar how to make squids salad tasty on a holiday table - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today We'll be with you cook festive salad if you want to surprise guests something you it will turn you are welcome Salad us You need a jar red caviar kilogram squid not been cleaned mayonnaise
  • 00:31: beets for color squid and greens we stormed the dome when cooking We'll put our her add some salt is not much to our squid is not It was tasteless and literally put their 3 minutes of the movie here So they just the most important if they do not digest
  • 01:02: digested squid it will be tough mara we boil our present at adjacent to the plate they have cold we are ready to them take out and cools
  • 01:37: our ace you it is convenient hang very sound the thinner the salon but wanted more cut into strips even a little bit of
  • 02:01: grind want add Karma early buy they not been cleaned amenable to both shelled or not been cleaned if it take squid uncleaned then it is better to clean frozen form that they are lighter then you do not have skin removed so it seems like this here we are crushed communal put them here in this cup and
  • 02:31: we continue squid shallower cup on a small grater and we have started, and beet and we put on Masha and squeeze the juice
  • 03:02: our armor I repeat and I will say that the squid does not beaten and such pale little not appetizing say so we will paint to view they had a yummy more jewelery such podskazochku gave me guy anchor to which interesting squid this sort of this leg no there is such here we do the trick
  • 03:30: women they taste ruby is used dill dill it should be a lot It attaches to salad pomp and add and again
  • 04:00: lesson we put in bowl add Foot juice add half a pack number 2 and all
  • 04:30: mix we spread our salad vase for anyone to
  • 05:01: festive table salad for the holiday must prepare he quickly very tasty calorie helpful so try cook according to our recipes and I am there you appetite and thanks for Attention