How to close a mouth a needle

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  • 00:00: Hello now I I show you how to seal the edge mouth that It is similar to factory machine processing for this I I will use thread that fits thickness and contrasting color you then of course will be patch that and that same thread knitting so 1 thread in We Wrong loop
  • 00:32: we start to work the second loop it in We introduce a facial needle with thread in front loop here and so right behind the right handle of the loop pull the thread to the that's the way it is Here it must thread
  • 01:01: be here this thread that we will edge processing it It should be 3 times longer than this one edge Well, in length and will take further we remove these 2 hinges with spokes Stick to Odessa with a chunk removed two loop and wrong
  • 01:30: first put on a loop Now back on the needle so on inserting a needle in the wrong loop right this way and the next seamy loop enter here and so inside it in this loop not because we
  • 02:02: we will wear facial loop purl loops we will be here and so wear introduced needle that's how it looks stretch yarn when I stretch thread corner of my eye I look where I got It comes from a previous
  • 02:30: Now when there is no I contrasting thread I do not easily confused because I can see where he got I go early not but when you knit the same color so that's when pull edge eyes see where You are here previous thread and so a couple backstitches we knit loops then that's where he got we came out previous thread we face it already grab his left shackle so here
  • 03:00: inside and face the same grab loop right this way remove from the spokes Practicing like this here and a finger pull string Again, those two loop we have nowhere I will not get to watch But on this loop where I was previous
  • 03:31: thread that's out of this loop is we had a Wrong loop we provyazyvali her right shackle Now for the left shackle we cling to the underside loop and spoke with us Wrong, we it Here we catch this hand we always purl like this that's inside will hook the like that
  • 04:04: purl with Wrong again I pull string to those two loops have I not I look at the watch facial loops where I had walked the previous thread from here I again picks up the left Now this shackle and
  • 04:30: front loop rented I stretch thread and look at seamy loop here where we have it I went out again the inside like that on himself picks left and shackle seamy loop here here
  • 05:16: let's do it again slowly show facial loop for the left shackle here right shackle
  • 06:14: Blight escaped I and that's what we
  • 06:32: if you get You are pursuing seamy loop cook on this side not as I will He showed a whew seems to be easier but the edge will we ugly here such as this one I was knitting section correctly but this I was knitting section wrong here
  • 07:02: the difference is noticeable here that's all right rovnenko and here edge of this ugly so it's important seamy loop capture here I captured capture it Here on this side
  • 07:38: so the front with facial wrong with seamy
  • 08:04: I highly recommend you try namely contrast thread because beginning you may and you will be confused not all will be clear but after you potreniruetes in The result will be pleased Knitting I sample
  • 08:31: I used here this yarn highly recommend it Winter things part of you see wool acrylic half sufficiently soft and pleasant to the touch yarn