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Cottage cream cheese (cream) for cake of desserts and sandwiches Cream cheese (cream) for cake of desserts and sandwiches we prepare houses - as easy as shelling pears. Ingredients on the recipe of cream (cheese) for cake: Sour cream 380 gr. Kefir 0,5...  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello friends today we are together with you prepare very sweet delicious cream cheese home for all kinds of desserts with you today Elena to find your channel the recipe and today we prepare miracle recipe we cook cream cream cheese that suited to any dessert to shelter dry them to sandwiches simply can spread on bread and eat for breakfast adding
  • 00:30: dill garlic you you can cook beautiful sandwiches we are ready the eve of my favorite cake bounty a cream cheese for some reason we are preparing a home conditions such cream and what is it to us I need some time here I want some recipe you cook you go to the store and store it simple no it was dismantled before the holiday simply have not delivered yet any reason to January 2
  • 01:01: you store annoying cream cheese, we can cook in ordinary conditions of the house and for this we need the most that neither is conventional products This fermented baked milk and yogurt and sour cream It should be high about 25 fat percent of all those the products we frozen in order to faster and easier Serum and departed
  • 01:31: we just need to and to unfreeze them and decant the serum here in a container actually to our prescription us is such a need large saucepan sieve or colander and cheesecloth and we have our products put in sieve if if you gauze as in not as dense
  • 02:00: We even can four times and turn we gauze enough's most most intimate way to the product itself we have not gone through then sieve the heat all have Different toxins are please pay attention to it Products I spread sieve shape better and quickly cut knife I spread frozen cream just as I
  • 02:31: I cut container yogurt and spread frozen food in a colander and spread ryazhenka freezing and our dairy products here in this the amount of half a liter half a liter of yogurt we frozen sour milk and 350 400 milliliters sour cream and we it took five hours for freezing and
  • 03:00: for I rastaivaniya I think we need too somewhere hour Four of the five depending on the what is the temperature your home temperature we will follow process Friends serum We have a very good Cyril now I show how we and turned and and now we are together with you to you for the faith the amount of cheese that we It turned seen where Here is ryazhenka are not thin and here
  • 03:30: yogurt, I post to bowl I press a little here what is left and spread a bowl virtually we get Paul and 400 kilograms of skill food we turned pound we take half a liter half a liter of yogurt sour milk and sour cream there we had 380,350 grams
  • 04:02: but I found it as a 400 rounded us now we need to ryazhenka cream and yogurt here is What remains here this here all consistency neatly stir until uniformity our son is ready we be sure to try if you do it will keep a course cream cheese
  • 04:30: it is not stored for a long time if you do it will it is possible to store add lemon juice to stabilize here I once again show what delicate texture in cheese it is sufficiently thick it very well use for dessert we certainly with you now try without any supplements just now cream cheese that we have prepared with you at home
  • 05:05: gentle and very delicious namely cream taste of milk cream we today always with you cook a cake on based on our cream cheese will cook cake bounty I am glad that we have only get much cheese that it is not necessary
  • 05:30: run to look for shopping all the more you cook it we spent three days are not tracked it's hours happened fast enough once again show a wonderful to have you will get the cheese great do not forget to write you are welcome no comments Thank you for huskies and certainly not Remember subscribe to our channel Find a recipe