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Como hacer una Caja Acordeon.Origami - enrHedando

Como hacer una Caja Acordeon.Origami - enrHedando  See details »

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  • 00:19: today we are going to be folding a nice accordion box which is a modular piece and it can be made with as little as
  • 00:30: three pieces of paper or as many as we want the important thing here is to use an odd number of units in this case I have three units in this case I have seven units I am going to be using three pieces of paper they are six by six inches the first thing that we need to do is divide one of these pieces of
  • 01:02: paper in thirds what we want to do is to roll one side of the paper and roll the other side of the paper in this manner forming a sort of an S shape in the border and we are going to roll that S shape and bring it very close together so that we can make just by eye
  • 01:30: television in thirds you just have to make sure that this first one is going to be as perfect as equal as possible so that this piece of paper serve us as a template for the other tool or for the many that we want to make so I have marked my thirds there
  • 02:14: open and we have the paper divided in three equal parts we fold one just one and we are going to use this as a template to fold the rest of the pieces we insert another piece of paper all the
  • 02:31: way in we just fold this edge to meet this one open remove it rotate and bring this edge so we have two of them divided
  • 03:05: in three and I had this done in advance we have our Valley Falls here turn the paper over so that those Valley Falls are seen as mountains on this side and we're going to divide it in a half we are going to be focusing on this fold
  • 03:33: existing fold which is a ballet and this is going to be a a hinge it's acting as a hinge we're going to rotate the paper on that hinge so we focus on that one and on this corner open the paper and we're going to be collapsing it but instead of doing it symmetrical as we
  • 04:01: might be inclined to do we are going to rotate or row the paper a little bit to one side so that this corner which we are focusing on is pointy and we create just a perfect point there so
  • 04:30: we have an asymmetrical Squatch same on the other side we use this as a hinge turn the paper over and we are going to repeat the actions in the back this time
  • 05:05: we already have one fold this one is already set as it should be set and this one is going to press flat so if you hold from here this flattens and this
  • 05:30: falls pretty much where we want it to fall once in this position we are going to lock these two layers together so we make sure that they lefties underneath the rice on top and roll the paper over the border into a packet in the back
  • 06:06: same here let underneath right on top so the back is getting to be finished now we have two layers two flaps here these are very thick and what we want to do is fold a valid phone that connects this
  • 06:30: point to this point folding thicker layers of paper is when one of those times when one of these tools come in handy to press and mark the crease same on this side connecting these two points once we have this here
  • 07:02: the last part that we do is just lightly push it in and make sure to wrap it over the edge that is easily filled underneath there you we repeat the process with two more pieces of paper we have three units here
  • 07:35: the ones in color green will be the one so that the top one say ending ones and the one that is orange will be the one in the middle we want to fold the little flap at the end so that is a little shorter but it's just one flap we want to bring this edge to this fall that is here and
  • 08:06: we fold these points this corners in refold and fold again so that we have a very short flap and this is a longer flap repeat the action in this one this will be the end pieces now we proceed to
  • 08:33: join the units together notice that there is a pocket here and tap here same on the other face pocket and that since this is the one in the end this is going to be left as is but this is going to join with the order keep one dry side up and keep one upside down and they are
  • 09:04: going to be joined in by the face as sap will insert into these pockets and in the same face just on the same face here we have the packet and the
  • 09:31: type of the centerpiece so you can just bend the paper a little bit you need a little bit to make it fit you top bottom here I have a very long one
  • 10:08: made out of 24 units what I have done with it is make it into a wheel thank you for watching this is leyla torres from origamispirit.com