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  • 00:00: Hello to you channel bases robots the animal world is fight for survival to feed themselves and surviving animals every day are killed each other's robe top I prepared for you the fourth part crazy battles animals begin go to channel Alexei Vilnius ago he leads his blog about earnings in the Internet In it he tells its subscribers as a provide financial independence how to learn work for them
  • 00:30: Alekseev just six months could earn tens million rubles afford posh life for Abroad, he flies on airplanes and riding on a yacht takes the most luxury hotels in different parts of the world two months 170,000 subscribe to his Channel subscribe and you link in the description Rabbit anti-snake brazen serpent attacked
  • 01:00: rabbit nest which was some kids are not I know Is it time to kill all but home returned angry mother and immediately attacked at the intruder clear the rabbit is not no special weapons to cope with such enemy but she skillfully attacked the snake to quickly chase it away from its nest It came from her great and very impressive [music]
  • 01:35: Rhino vs. bull his strength and size and aggressiveness in the attacks in the wild Nature is not a rhino It threatens no one predators the exception that human rhinos may have different dimensions in Depending on the type of but the largest It is considered to be white rhinoceros which weighs from 2 to 3 tons It remains a mystery to
  • 02:01: What causes fights between this and become rhinoceros but the advantage is clearly on the side of rhinos which easily I could scatter in hand ten such calves in the end be just fled Crocodile against zebra here you can see how
  • 02:30: zebra fell into jaws of crocodiles, he I grabbed her leg and He held without giving capabilities to get water likely to zebra was all over It would be sad if not in the scrum
  • 03:00: intervened curious hippopotamuses they began to mark time for the crocodile which I lay down on the bottom and forced release
  • 03:31: Only such a sacrifice poor way zebra I could choose to of land at damaged feet but live Komodo dragon against a deer Komodo dragon are found in Indonesia on the island of Komodo and adjacent islands It is the biggest lizard in the world
  • 04:01: the maximum length Then you sooner exceeds 3 meters and weight may reach 150 kilograms for hunting large animals they use their causing teeth the only one bite in this and success lies because now the entrance launched biological weapons Komodo dragon oral y which is a mixture of many different deadly bacteria after a successful attack Vary and we remain
  • 04:30: just wait [music] case with a deer lizards are all very competently provernuli and received deserved dinner eagle anti-goat Eagles often hunt all alone and
  • 05:01: they search for prey clock watch on great height in the right moment they precipitously reduced pulls forward legs and grabs sacrifice stunning and and blow beak [music] [music]
  • 05:36: you see like an eagle pounces on kazoo threw off her with cliff is cruel but very effective tactic powerful wings and It allows them to easily to maneuver in the most surface almost edge cliffs therefore escape from feathered predator potential victim very difficult [music]
  • 06:08: unlike other birds of prey eagles often attacks animals much harder to imagine such foxes bevel gazelles there is clearly an eagle I overestimated the opponent only scratched claw head certainly bear thought that this big bear hamster
  • 06:33: against a wild boar eyewitnesses filmed like able to bear catch large wild boar but what to do with him, he really did not know just biting his mane Brown bears are omnivorous and except for berries and mushrooms very fond of meat and [music]
  • 07:02: you one boar very lucky Bear scared people and he quickly ran into the forest giraffe lion against seemingly at such huge animal with long legs and neck should not be natural enemies 0 you do not care, they They see before them only a large piece meat on these frames giraffe trying hooves hit the lion
  • 07:31: hurt his baby which after a powerful strike could no longer get it on this fate was sealed After two more unsuccessful attacks giraffe just ran away away leaving the baby on lions and it is precisely the most accident-prone African warthog trying to escape from the pack wild dogs he getting closer
  • 08:00: to the river with crocodiles attack toothy not long to wait and he had quickly pig dragged to the bottom at a warthog there was no way these are the harsh laws wildlife against wild hyenas Dogs rarely have animals cause people dislike this like hyenas than their appearance is not wild in behavior
  • 08:30: hunting for positive emotions nobody set up and see wild dogs, hyenas I do not like it as well much like people in Internet has a plurality of rollers the attack of wild dogs on lonely hyena but I think that these Battle associated with impudence hyenas who wanted to take away the spoil before dogs like always the usual battle for food
  • 09:00: baboon against flamingo Baboons are very clever animals despite its apparent clumsiness is so they it turns deftly catching flamingos huge flocks which just do not have time fly the thing surprise attack baboon who It is omnivorous as well as people are active and curious monkey that live in society x I is
  • 09:30: of the Apes 5080 relations add up to basis the primacy of males and more females of the animal most of the food up snail poultry and fish insects as well as lizard and mouse other small rodents [music] and now is the time click on Like I really I hope that the video you liked
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